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Goal and Principles of Informative Speeches

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Lic. L. Ernesto González

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Goal and Principles of Informative Speeches

Goal and Principles of Informative Speeches
Audiences will show interest, understand and remember information present creatively.

1. Gather enough info to widen your scope and view about the topic.
2. Try to practice different ways of giving your speech.
3. Remember that the same point can be made in different ways.
Audiences will attend to your speech if they like, trust, and have confidence in you.

*Be well prepared, emphasize your interest in your audience, look and sound enthusiastic.
Create intellectual stimulation
Audiences will listen to information they consider stimulating.

When the information is NEW to your audience, it makes them think and reflect, and it helps them. If you don't provide anything new, they will feel bored.
1. Creativity
2. Credibility
3. Intellectual Stimulation
4. Relevance
5. Emphasis
The GOAL is to give the audience a clear understanding of the topic. This goal must enable your audience to:
* show interest in the information presented
*understand the information
*recall that information when needed
Audience will listen to and understand information that is relevant.

It's important that the information is relevant to your audience interests and needs.
Try presenting vital, critical information.
Connect your speech to audience's experiences.
Audiences will listen to remember and understand emphasized information.

People generally will only retain only part of the information, the rest is to be forgotten. It's important to define what is it that you like your audience to remember.
There are five principles you need to consider in order to reach this goal:
creativity, credibility, intellectual stimulation, relevance and emphasis.
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