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P & S Scenarios Presentation 2

No description

Eduardo Torres

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of P & S Scenarios Presentation 2

Helping people makes you feel better. by Jefte Melo and Eduardo Torres As social workers for the Texas State Department of Human Welfare, we were assigned to a case investigating the living conditions of an elderly man who was in his late 80's. He was diabetic and has been going in and out of the hospital for a long time. As he only speaks Russian, it was hard to communicate with him. The only person who spoke Russian was his son who refused to cooperate, as he took our job as an insult to him. After a few minutes his son let us in as we calmly explained we were there just to help him and his dad. The elderly man got upset as he saw his son was not in total agreement with us at first. He felt as if we were accusing his son of not taking care of him accordingly, so we had to explain the reason of our visit again.
After going around the house, we saw the living conditions of the elderly man were decent so we gave them our phone numbers to contact us if they needed any help. After a talk with the elderly man's neighbor, a former client of ours, she let us know one of her friends was being abused by her partner who is also a female. Her friend was bisexual and had an eight year old son. We told her we would look into the case. After doing some research, we found out her partner was a 45 year old woman found to be extremely aggressive from previous cases. Before interrogating the suspect we made sure the victims were okay, then we interrogated the 45 year old suspect. As espected she denied everything we accused her of, so we went on to the victim but she did the same, it was not the same with the little kid as he agreed with every accusation. After talking to the victim and mom of the kid, we explained how the situation was afecting her son, and we let her made her own desition. After a few days we found out the mom made the right decition and left her female partner.
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