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Adriana Nava

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of Capes

California administrator Performance Expectations
School Improvement Leadership
Category F

Community Leadership
The California Administrator Performance Expectations, or CAPEs, reflect the leadership roles and responsibilities of a California public school administrator.

Category A

Visionary Leadership
Category B

Instructional Leadership
Category D

Professional Learning and Growth Leadership
Category E

Organizational and Systems Leadership
Category C
CAPE 1: Developing and Articulating a Vision of Teaching and Learning for the school Consistent with the Local Educational Agency's Overall Vision and Goals.

CAPE 2: Developing a Shared Commitment to the Vision Among All Members of the School Community.

CAPE 3: Leading by Example to Promote Implementation of the Vision.

CAPE 4: Sharing Leadership with Others in the School Community.
CAPE 5: Promoting Implementation of K-12 Standards, Pedagogical Skills, Effective Instructional Practices and Student Assessments for Content Instruction.

CAPE 6: Evaluating, Analyzing, and Providing Feedback on the Effectiveness of Classroom Instruction to Promote Student Learning and Teacher Professional Growth.

CAPE 7: Demonstrating Understanding of the School and Community Context Including the Instructional Implications of Cultural/Linguistic, Socioeconomic, and Political Factors.

CAPE 8: Communicating with School Community about Schoolwide Outcomes Data and Improvement Goals.
CAPE 9: Working with Others to Identify Students and School Needs and Developing a Data-Based School Growth Plan.

CAPE 10: Implementing Change Strategies Based on Current, Relevant Theories and Best Practices in School Improvement.

CAPE 11: Identifying and Using Available Human, Fiscal, and Material Resources to Implement the School Growth Plan.

CAPE 12: Instituting a Collaborative, Ongoing Process of Monitoring and Revising the Growth Plan Based on student Outcomes.
CAPE 13: Modeling Life-Long Learning and Job-Related Professional Growth.

CAPE 14: Helping Teachers Improve Their Individual Professional Practice Through Professional Growth Activities.

CAPE 15: Identifying and Facilitating a Variety of Professional and Personal Growth Opportunities for Faculty, Staff, Parents, and Other Members of the school Community in Support of the Educational Program.
CAPE 16: Understanding and Managing the Complex Interaction of all of the School's Systems to Promote Teaching and Learning.

CAPE 17: Developing, Implementing, and Monitoring the School's Budget.

CAPE 18: Implementing California School Law, Guidelines, and Other Relevant Federal, State, and Local Requirements and Regulations.

CAPE 19: Representing and Promoting to School's Accomplishments and Needs to the LEA and the Public.

CAPE 20: Involving the Community in Helping Achieve the School's Vision and Goals.
-Provides Current Feedback on Student's Learning Entry Point to Drive Instruction
-Promotes Professional Learning Opportunities and Promotes Student Learning with Knowledge Academy
-Data is Shared with Students and Parents to Foster a Shared School Vision of Improvement
-Students set Goals and Create an Action Plan to Meet Goals
- Will be Taken a Minimum of 2 Times per School Year to Facilitate Monitoring of Student Progress and Curriculum Implementation.

To better support Categories A& B, SAUSD has Adopted MAP
- As a school, what else are we doing that supports the CAPE's?
-Which CAPE needs to be developed further in our school? Explain.

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