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Canto 28-30

No description

Karlie Dehn

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Canto 28-30

Canto 28-30 Canto 28 Dante’s Reaction Punishment Literary Devices Muhammed The Eighth Circle, Ninth Pouch: The Sowers of Scandal and Schism Can’t fathom what is occurring
Truly all tongues would fail, for neither could/The mind avail, nor any speech be found/For things not to be named nor understood.”(4-6).

Compares the sight of below to the carnage wreck of five battles that can’t compare the horror of this pouch Characters Dante's Inferno The devil stands in the background where he thrusts his sword at the damned who have to pass in front of him. The wounds heal then repeat the process. Sowers divides parts of their bodies as in life they divided others “Were you to reassemble all the men/who once, within Apulia’s fateful land/ had mourned their blood, shed at the Trojan’s hands.” (7-9) Metaphor- comparing the sight of the carnage to the 5 battles which all the dead couldn’t match up to the sight of this “Who, even with untrammeled words and many/attempts at telling, ever could recount/in full the blood and wounds that I now saw?” (1-3) Rhetorical question: Dante questions how he is even seeing what is occurring in the ninth pouch A religious, political, and military leader from Mecca who unified Arabia into a single religious polity under Islam believed by Muslims to be a messenger and prophet of God and, by most Muslims The last prophet sent by God for mankind Continued Ali Sunnis consider Ali the fourth and final of the Rashidun Shias consider him and his descendants the rightful successor of Mohammed Split the Ummah (Muslim community) into the Sunni and Shia branches Fra Dolcino Muhammad told Dante to tell him to eat under siege so he won’t die Italian radical Christian preacher Burnt at the stake in 1307 (heretic) inspired by the Franciscan theories Pier da Medicina Horribly mutilated by cuts on the face and a hole in the throat when he spoke was spattering blood Pier wants Dante to spread his fame in the mortal world and also to take a message Tell two men from Fano to be very careful or else they’ll be betrayed by Malatestino and be drowned aboard their very own ship Curio Convinced Caesar betray his friend Pompey and invade the city of Rome (civil war) Tongue is cut in half Mosca had his hands chopped off
Contributed to the strife between the Guelphs and Ghibellines Bertran de Born Henry II believed Bertran had fomented the rebellion of his son Henry the Young King Discussion Why does Dante have a demon cut the sinners? Do you think someone else should cut them? Canto 29 The Eighth Circle, Tenth Pouch: the Falsifiers of Metals Punishment Sinners are covered in itchy scabs from head to toe that they repeatedly scratch off. They are afflicted with multiple diseases just as they were a disease on society. Literary Devices "I do not think that there was greater grief, in seeing all Aegina's people sick" (58-59) Mandelbaum Allusion- to the "unerring Justice" that punishes "And i have never seen a stableboy/whose master waits for him or one who stays/awake reluctantly, so ply a horse." (76-78) Mandelbaum Metaphor- comparing the eagerness of a stable boy to finish his brusing of a horse so he can go home with the way in which the sinners scratch at their scabs. Characters Griffolino of Arezzo Burned at the stake for practicing witchcraft, in hell for practicing alchemy Potiphar's Wife Furious at Joseph for resisting her attempts to seduce him into sleeping with her, accuses him of falesly rapping her. Florentine Capocchio Burned at the stake, also in hell for pratciging alchemy. Gave false flying lessons Continued Sinon Son of Aesimus (son of Autolycus) Greek warrior during the Trojan War. Suffers from a burning fever for tricking the Trojans into taking hte Trojan Hourse into thier city. Discussion Question If all falsifiers succeeded in their mission what would the world be like? The Eighth Circle, Tenth Pouch: The Counterfeiters of Persons, Counterfeiters of Coins, Falsifiers of Words Canto 30 Dante's Reaction Dante seems to focused on petty arguments.
Virgil eventually yells at him, calling it demeaning. Punishments Second Zone
Third Zone
Fourth Zone Second Zone Sinners tear at each other with teeth Third Zone Sinners are always thristy Fourth Zone Punishments vary due to severity of crime Literary
Devices Allusion “When Juno was incensed with Semele/ and, thus, against the Theban family/ had shown her fury time and time again.” (1-3) Mandelbaum “And after turned aigainst the pride/ of Troy, which had dared all, so that the king/ together with his kingdom, was destroyed.”(13-15). Characters Myrrha Mother of Adonis in Greek mythology

Transformed into a myrrh tree after having had intercourse with her father and gave birth to Adonis as a tree

Disguised herself as someone else to fulfill her lust to be with her father Adam In the Third zone

Constantly craving a drink of water but finding Guido II so he can take his revenge
Crime was counterfeiting Florentine money Potiphar's wife Furious at Joseph for resisting her attempts to seduce him into sleeping with her

Accuses him falsely of attempting to rape her Sinon Son of Aesimus (son of Autolycus) Greek warrior during the Trojan War.

Suffers from a burning fever for tricking the Trojans into taking the Trojan Horse into their city THE END
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