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The Bermuda Triangle: Is It Real?

No description

Lucas Lee

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of The Bermuda Triangle: Is It Real?

The Bermuda Triangle:
Is It Real? Background The Bermuda Triangle goes by many names, including The Devil's Triangle, Limbs of the Lost, Sea of Confusion, Zone of Twilight, and Port of the Lost Ships. The Triangle spans from To And stretches to Background
Juan De Bermudez discovered the Bermuda Islands on accident in 1505.

There were three hundred islands that flourished with food and fresh water. Background
Queen Elizabeth avoided the islands for they were said to be haunted by demons. Background
The triangle covers at the least five hundred thousand square miles and its depths reach from nineteen thousand feet down to nearly twenty-eight thousand feet down. Background
The term the Bermuda Triangle was first used in the February issue of Argosy in 1964. Theories
One theory is that aliens and UFO’s are the answer to the strange disappearances in the triangle. These aliens have supposedly abducted the crew of the ships and planes. Theories
Some believe that the city of Atlantis hides in the depths of the Triangle’s waters and the people of Atlantis are protecting it from invaders ("Top Ten Bermuda Triangle Theories") Theories
Another theory attributing to the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is pirates. It is said that pirates have ransacked ships and killed off the crew on board. Theories
A natural spin on things dictates that short violent storms undetected by radar wipe ships and planes off the face of the Earth. Also it could be water sprouts, freak waves, or even under water earthquakes that cause ships and planes to sink to the bottom of Bermuda Triangle. Theories
Another natural answer on the table is methane hydrate deposits rise and cause a change in density in the water and ships sink. For planes, the gases surge up and get into the engine causing it to explode. Theories
One last theory in which pilots’ compass readings were off and they over or under shot, their destination. This is because the Bermuda Triangle is one place where true and magnetic north line up. This would cause a change in the compass’ reliability ("Top Ten Bermuda Triangle Theories").
The U.S.S. Cyclops was sent to fuel British ships during WWI. It set out from Rio de Janeiro on February sixteenth and stopped in Barbados from March third to fourth. That was the last time the three hundred and six passengers and crew were heard from.
The “Marine Sulfur Queen” was lost while transporting molten sulfur. All that was found and that was left was some debris and life preservers. Disappearances
The submarine “Scorpion” vanished when traveling through the Triangle. Disappearances
The ship “Proteous” was carrying ore when it disappeared. Disappearances
One of the most famous disappearances would be Flight nineteen. The team departed at 1:15 p.m. on December fifth 1945. At 3:00 Lieutenant Charles C. Taylor said that he and his team were flying over Fort Lauder dale and that was one of the last times the crew of flight nineteen were heard from (YouTube). Works Cited
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