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Marketing in Numbers

No description

James McCracken

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Marketing in Numbers

The Role of Marketing at Stockport College

Who we are Our decisions are informed £10,000 Market Research Project
6 Focus Groups in schools
4 Focus Groups with College Staff
4 Focus Groups with College Students
30 Stakeholders interviewed
398 Members of the public interviewed
298 College students surveyed
4 Students surveys per year
141 Staff feedback forms completed

Publications College Events 4 Open Evenings
3 Award Evenings
2,787 Course enquiries
7,898 Parent/Guardian visitors
700 visitors at Award Cermonies School Events Social Media 695 Facebook friends
11,600 YouTube views
431 Twitter followers Outdoor Media 12 Billboards
100 Buses
900,000 OTS over 2 weeks Press £292,421.92 equivalent advertising cost College website 433,267 visitors in last 12 months
Award winning department 2 Gold Awards
4 Runners-up Awards 7 Nominations at Heist Awards (including department of the year) Coming soon... £10,000 Website re-development
123,000 copies of first College newspaper 'The Beacon'
2 dedicated subject-specific Open Evenings
New College video featuring 200 students
Re-structure with 5 new members of staff 30 Students applied
19 Students chosen Tasters 7 Schools
4 Days
800 pupils
25 subject choices 69 School events
38 Schools Student Ambassadors So what does all this mean? 433,267 visitors in last 12 months
Introduction Who we are
What we do
What we have achieved
Palvinder Singh
Head of Marketing and Communications What we do Specialists with vast experience of the education sector
Curriculum ask our advice when deciding new courses
Members of over six industry groups including FE Marketing, HEIST, AOC Communications Group, LSC Campaign group, CIM HE Groups
Colleagues in other College's come to us for advice
We advised AOC when they established the VQ day
First point of contact for Schools and Connexions
We save the College approximately £90,000 per year in design work
PR saves the College £292,000 per year in advertising ...but we never become complacent... 15,000 Full-Time Prospectuses
8,000 Higher Education Prospectuses
123,000 Part-Time Prospectuses
500 Flagship Newsletters x 3 per year
7,500 Success Newsletters x 3 per year
5,000 Graduate Newsletters
14% increase in overall school leaver applications
4% increase in market share of school leavers in Stockport (despite a declining market)
5% increase in market share of school leavers in Manchester compared to 2008
18% increase in website hits compared to 08/09
22% increase of those attending Open Evenings compared to 08/09
60% increase in readership of College literature
162% increase in overall press coverage
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