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Our Journey

No description

Sarah Christie

on 13 August 2015

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Transcript of Our Journey

Our Journey Notre voyage
Our Team:
8 School Boards
24 schools - elementary and secondary
7 Public Health Units
en francais et en anglais
Looking back...
What did we learn?
Compared to students in schools without the Ophea intervention, your schools had:
And who's
the Team?
step :
Prep the Adult Allies
"Excellent presentations! Très animé!!"
"Looking forward to the opportunity for my students"
"Time for the health unit and school group that will be working together to devise a recruitment plan!"
" Great day - good introduction into the program, very knowledgeable speakers."
step :
Kick off meetings!
Les réunions de lancement!
ecole secondaire Macdonald-Cartier
ecole secondaire Macdonald-Cartier
North Addington
step :
Agis et fonce!
Pope John Paul II
St Ignatius
step :
Harriett Todd
Regina Mundi
Check ins! / Le retour sur le plan d'action!
Regina Mundi
Bishop Gallagher
Les réunions de célébration!!
Celebration time!

likelihood to use
tobacco products
Higher exposure to anti-tobacco messages
More in-class discussion
on tobacco
Higher participation
in anti-smoking activities
Lower cannabis
consumption rates
Lower alcohol
consumption rates
"The Solution."
Take Action!
"Tobacco Tacklers"
Bishop Gallagher
St. Francis
year 2
Nous avons bien hâte de ...
Sir Winston Churchill
Superior Collegiate
Westgate Collegiate
Neil McNeil
Father John Redmond
Senator O'Connor
Twin Lakes
what are you passionate about?
Welcome to:
year 1
St Ignatius
Bishop Gallagher
Pope John Paul
Holly Meadows
Harriett Todd
Let's hear it for....
John Paul II
St. Francis
Regina Mundi
Granite Ridge
North Addington
SFO Youth Forum @
Cedar Glen
You are here
"J'aime ce group!"
"There are a lot of people who care and can help us."
"Groups like this are fun!"
“les idées qu’on a donner me dit que cette année va etre très excitant”
Harriett Todd
John Paul II
KAT Team
KAT Team: St Francis
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