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Prezi sin título

No description

alan ivan hernandez peña

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Prezi sin título

Universidad de Guadalajara
preparatorira regional de jocotepec
Lengua Extranjer IV
Alan Ivan Hernandez Peña
4 a t/m
Proyecto final
I go my friends to walk the next week
I will hace a big house with much garden and big pool
There will be a family reunion next week
I and my friends habe a party next month
if obtain 100 in the exams, i might approve semester
if you reach late home, your parents might punish

If I have good grades inthe school, I may visit my family in the United States
If turn on a role, I burns

If you cut a finger, you will get out blood
I am Alan Hernandez, I am from San Luis Soyatlan, a little town but very beautiful. I am 16 years and my school is the Preparatoria Regional de Jocotepec.
i like the music in special the Hip-Hop and I like The tattos
I do not like that people are hypocrites
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