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ACME Automotive Employee Opinion Survey

Presentation to Executive Panel. By Jonathan Konstan-Pines, Bethany Reed, Maria Szczech, Erin Larson, & Gale Stafford.

Gale Stafford

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of ACME Automotive Employee Opinion Survey

ACME Automotive Your Consulting Team
Bethany Reed
Erin Larson
Gale Stafford
Jonathan Konstan-Pines
Maria Szczech SARA Model

Change happens - It is constant and should be embraced
Resistance (Rejection)
Important to understand this process when changing the organizational culture, initiatives and/or processes Nine Constructs
The real rankings (% Favorable)
Engagement (74%)
Vision & Mission Alignment (74%)
Teamwork (71%)
Safety (66%)

Continuous Improvement (61%)
Immediate Managment (58%)
Means to do my job (55%)
Organizational Leadership (48%)
Performance Management (39%) Detailed Findings Strengths Engagement Vision & Mission Alignment Vision & Mission Alignment, in their words

What I value most about working at ACME....

"the opportunity to learn and grow professionally... to stay challenged... and to learn from different people/disciplines."

If I could change some things at ACME, they would be ...

"Better open, honest communication between departments; better understanding of strategies that are going to help us reach our goals as a company; understanding my department objectives/goals and how that feeds into the company vision/goals." Engagement, in their words

What I value most about working at ACME....

"The people that I have connected with and the work we do together. There are a group of people at ACME who are open, honest, engaged, motivated and lift others up."

"I think the reason people work so hard here is because they are invested in the outcome being the best it can be. ... Because no one is micromanaged, they take ownership of their work and endeavor to be successful because it is fulfilling." Survey Results
What The Results Reveal
The Way Forward for ACME Engagement, in their words

If I could change some things at ACME, they would be ...

"The rest of us who aren't the "superstars" need to feel like we actually have the opportunity to have some input in our own department and be included in the decision-making process."
What is Strategic Change?

Way of connecting organizational survey to ACME’s Goals How Can Surveys Assist Us?

Surveys act as great tools to determine our progress over time periods.
Can track employee attitudes and behaviors over time periods.
Specific goals include looking how changes in attitude interact with behaviors and goals of ACME. Process of Strategic Change Barriers to Overcome

Strong organizational Support (especially at the top).
Long Term Commitment.
Effective Communication to all Levels of the Organization. Agenda

Objectives and Goals
Background of ACME’s problem
The Survey Instrument
The 9 Constructs & Activity
Brief Overview of Survey Results
Detailed Findings
Action Planning Objectives and Goals

We want to leave you with:
Thorough understanding of your employees attitudes about ACME
Knowledge of your strengths and areas for development
Common themes or trends found in data
Clear action plan and action planning method to maintain your strengths and improve areas for development
Background of ACME Automotive's Issues

Largest automotive services company in the country
Over 8,000 employees
Merger with P & P Services, Inc. in 2008
Observed changes in management practices, work unit climate and performance reports
Turnover is 18% attrition rate The Survey Instrument

- Assess ACME employee opinions and attitudes
- Define organizational challenges
- Identify improvement opportunities
- Rating Scale:
Strongly Agree: 1
Agree: 2
Neutral: 3
Disagree: 4
Strongly Disagree: 5 The Nine Constructs

Continuous Improvement
Immediate Management
Means to do my job
Organizational Leadership
Performance Management
Vision and Mission Alignment Areas of Strength Opportunities for Development Overview of Survey Results Action Planning Engagement
Highest overall ranking
At the Executive level favorable responses = 35%
What does this mean?
Action Planning

Identify areas impacting engagement
Write down the problem
Why is this problem happening?
Keep asking “why” until the root cause is identified
Generate solutions that address key issues
Determine critical issues impacting engagement
Determine where the issues should be addressed
Identify appropriate actions
Identify a number of potential solutions to key issues
Gain agreement from stakeholders
Allocate planning and resources
Hold all levels of leadership accountable
Create action teams that can affect change
Track progress and celebrate success Action Plannning

Five critical factors
Resources needed for action planning must be built-in during initial project contracting
Action planning intentions must be communicated early and to everyone
Action planning possibilities must be given strong consideration during item development
There must be strong organizational support and accountability for taking action
Senior-level commitment to taking action and reassessing progress must be strong
Organizational Leadership Performance Managment Performance Management

Demographic trends Performance Management, in their words:

If I could change some things at ACME, they would be ...

“Clearer expectations for everyone in their roles. Where do I start and where do I end? What can I count on as support for myself and my team? Find a better way together, for people appreciate each other's smarts. But not over-collaborate in a way that blurs the line of our roles and responsibilities.”

“Give employees the confidence that they have a place to grow. Set clear goals for individuals to overcome. Give employees career paths, and when expectations are given, follow through. Encourage employees to accomplish their goals.”

“I'm not quite sure where I belong, and have not yet had a clear answer from anyone I've spoken to, what each group's responsibilities and roles are. Can we illustrate that with our org chart?” Organizational Leadership, in their words:

What I value most about ACME is ...

•"...I value the opportunity to talk with almost anyone within senior management and the 'open-door policy' they have..."

•"Everyone in the company is easy to approach. I also know that I can voice my opinion/views/needs at any time even to the upper management and I will be heard." Organizational Leadership, in their words:

If I could change some things at ACME, they would be ...

•“I would like to have better communication from senior management about the goals of the company. Also, our internal processes and policies need to be more clear…”

•“…Willingness of departmental / supervisors / executive team to dive into the issues and figure out ways to build better collaboration and respect between departments…”

•“…I hear the Exec team members talk about each other in public situations (in sometimes a not so positive way) and that makes me feel that I can't trust the team (if they talk about each other, what do they say about the rest of us?). The Exec team is like a marriage where they should be a united front. If there are serious issues that need to be addressed, those issues should be discussed behind closed doors, not in front of the rest of us.”
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