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Artistic Achievements (APUSH)

No description

Esteban Aguas

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Artistic Achievements (APUSH)

The Development of American Art & Architecture Artistic Achievements European Imitation Modern Connection - American architecture imitated European style

- Greek Revival between 1820 -1850

- Public buildings followed Greek & Roman models

- Mid-century revival of Gothic forms

- European-looking buildings seemed out of place in wilderness - Ablest American architect of his generation
- Monticello - brought classical design to Virginia (28 years to build/remodel)
- Founder of University of Virginia (1810)
- University of Virginia – finest example of classical American architecture Thomas Jefferson Breakthrough Artists - Wealthy no longer willing to sit for portraits; didn’t want to pay

- Earliest American painters forced to go to England for training/clientele

- America exported artists, imported art

- Puritan prejudice – “. . a sinful waste of time . ."

- After War of 1812 – paintings = landscapes

- The Hudson River School American Art Suffers - "Jeffersonian Architecture" - first original American architectural style
- 12+ private homes exist today
- Use of geometric shapes (octagons) in modern architecture
- Jefferson Memorial - Gilbert Stuart:
1755-1828Gifted early American painterRhode IslandProduced famous portraits of Washington – dehumanized and idealized him- Charles Willson Peale:1741-1827MarylandPainted 60 portraits of Washington- John Trumbull:1756-1843Fought in the Revolutionary WarDepicted war scenes in painting New Innovations - Photography now caused competition for seasoned portrait painters
- 1839 - Daguerreotypes, Louis Daguerre
- Music was suppressed – Puritans frowned upon nonreligious singing
- Rhythmic/nostalgic tunes became popular
- American music began to be inspired by slave spirit Jefferson Memorial - Built 1938-1943
- Revival of Jeffersonian Architecture
- Inspiration:
- Rotunda of University of Virginia
- Roman Pantheon
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