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Broken Chain

No description

Harrison Davis

on 19 January 2012

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Transcript of Broken Chain

BROKEN CHAIN SUMMARY Author: Gary Soto The story takes place in Sacramento, California. "Do you think money grows on trees." It starts out with Alfonso who is about 13 year old boy who is beginning to take notice in his looks and how other people see him.
One day Alfonso sees a boy hanging from a fence and ..."helped the kid untangle his pants..." In doing so he meets a girl his age and in his school, her name was Sandra. He asks her to go bike riding with him, she agrees.
Alfonso was left with only one bike and in his rage and frustration he broke his bike's chain. Later, he gathered up enough nerve to walk to where he was supposed to meet Sandra, while he is waiting, Ernie his brother stops by and allows Alfonso to use his bike. Sandra and Alfonso ride off together on the one bike and he finally had a girlfriend and his self asteem. "She places her hand over his and it felt like love." Point Of View
The "Broken Chain" is written in 3rd person, "He pushed for ten minutes."
The protagonist is
Alfonso. "He wanted
cuts... and ... trying
to push his crooked
teeth to wear they belonged."
The antagonist is
the society. And Alfonso himself because he believes he could never get a girl looking the way he does
Another character in the story is
Sandra. "...she was kind of cute, with
a ponytail and straight teeth."
Another character is Alfonso's older
brother Ernie.

(Alfonso Swag) WHAT ALFONSO WANTS TO LOOK LIKE! ALFONSO'S PART TIME JOB THEME The theme of the story is true beauty is on the inside not always on the outside. The End
Harry Davis,
Chris Bickford, and
Matthew Punzak CHARACTERS hi CONFLICT The main conflict in the story is Alfonso tries to get a girl and change his image.
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