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Think For a Lifetime

No description

Kiana Higgin

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Think For a Lifetime

Patient man ride dankkey
Who am I?
Kiana Higgin
College Access
May 1, 2014

Think For a lifetime
The College I Will Be Attending
In twenty years I see myself becoming a Nurse.
Work at Spice N' Nice
Financial Aide
August 18
Boys and Girls Club
Who I am
The career I want to Persue
The college I will be attending in the Fall of 2014
My plans after college
Life goals

How will I pay for college
Accredited with a Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
High acceptance rate
In the East Coast
The cost is Affordable for the year

Knowing that it will take up to six years to get my degree , I will become a Neonatal or Pediatric Nurse because I have the passion to help people. Nursing is starting to open up to diversity and learning opportunities that only a few careers have to offer me. The thing that helped me in making my career choice is volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club. At the Boys and Girls Club I would help the kids do various activities that consist of mainly helping them when they have a problem. Yes, I may sound like I should be a teacher, but I don't think I would be capable of teaching someone. Instead I believe I obtain the qualities of a nurse including patience and attentiveness.Also, my Human Development, Child Development, Bio, Chemistry, and Ap Stat will all help me in choosing my career because they are all nursing based.
Accredited with a Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
Acceptance rate of 72%
3.5 Hours from home(202 miles)
After College

Life Goals #1

600* 12* =$7,200*6=$43,200

1 Year
6 years
Life Goal #3
*Contiued saving $500 a month in my account
Three Kids from different parts of the world
Four Kids on my own
Life Goal #2
Married between the ages of 22-25, but mostly when I am financially ready
Life Goal #4
Make a Scholarship for William Penn High worth $200
Life Goal #5
Live in a nice House where my future family can be comfortable
Life Goal #6
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