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Frog's Leap 2

No description

Emily Hampton

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Frog's Leap 2

Frog's Leap Winery
Action Plan
Within the Next 5 Years
10 Years
15-20 Years
Short-Term Goals
Become involved with community
Local retailers
Sell solar power
Selling produce

Medium-Term Goals
Partnership with other LEED Wineries
National Retailers
Move portion of 80% of sales to retailers other than restaurants

Long-Term Goals
Acquire Companies
LEED certified sustainable companies that share Frog’s Leap ideas.

Sauvignon Blanc
Cabernet Sauvignon
Petite Sirah
Le Grenouille Rougante

Brand Differentiation and Variety
The Problem:
Sustainability Strategy
The Triple Bottom Line
Age 27
Before 174.00 a month after 215.00 a month and increase of 23.6%
Age 50
Before 225.00 a month after 255.00 a month an increase of 13.3%
Small Business has an 18% increase overall on average
Tax Credit for less then 25 employees
2010-2013 get a 35% tax credit
2014 and after get 50% tax credit

Affordable Healthcare in California
Frog's Leap
E&J Gallo
Jackson Family
Sales & Distribution
Summary of Problems
Sustainability Marketing
Wine Segments
, Wine Knowledgeable (20.9%)
Image Oriented
, Knowledge Seeking (22.3%)
, Highly Knowledgeable (19.0%)
, Enjoyment Oriented (20.9%

Most likely current Frog’s Leap customers
Very knowledgeable
Eager to take suggestions and try new things
No “safe set” of brands
Brand loyalty possible for experimental brands
Drink wine for enjoyment
Purchasing behavior reflects the event
Sometimes spontaneous wine buyers
Packaging and labeling of the bottles influences decision
Attracted to “concept” brands
National retail wineries
Solar Power
Plot Rental
Other Produce
University Outreach
Brand Extension
Competitor Overview
E & J Gallo
The biggest Family Owned Winery in the World
Founded in 1933
Holds 25 of the Winery Industry Market Share

Jackson Family Farms
One of the biggest Wineries in the World
Founded in 1982
Wants their wine in every retail store in the world
Green Sustainable Winery in California
Founded in 1921
Makes orders on demand 4 times a year

Health Care for all employees

Ensure employment all year round
Gives to charitable causes and non-profit organizations

Gallo Center for the Arts in Modesto

Looks to invest in innovative ways that improve people lives

Focus on three aspects for people the importance of family, stewardship of the land and an honest representation of wine.

Supports more than 40 community organizations, The Red Cross, United Way and The Boys & Girls Clubs among them

$500,000 donation to the Sonoma County Justice Center for victims of domestic violence

$3 million to the University of California

Supports Local farmers and the surrounding people to the vineyard

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7% Green

33% Anti-Green

60% Maybe Green
Social aspect improvement
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