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Dantes Inferno

Cantos 28-34

Gloria Blanco

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Dantes Inferno

Canto 30 Canto 32 Canto 34 Canto 33 Dantes Inferno Cantos 28-34 Frozen lake of Cocytus. Realm of the treacherous (traitors) Caina
Judecca Dante encounters Satan, refers to him as "Dis" The sinners and Satan are trapped in ice Dante describes Satan as having 6 bat like wings and 3 faces He compares Satan to the giant from Canto 31 In Dante's church in Florence (Santa Maria degli Angeli) there is a painting depicting heaven and hell called 'The Last Judgement' where Satan is drawn with 3 faces. Dis is the Roman God of the dead (another name for Pluto) Satan chews on the sinners Satan tries to free himself from the ice by flapping his wings which only traps him further because the wind caused by the wings form more ice around him. Sin defeats itself,
trying to escape it only worsens it. 4 rings Caina - These sinners were treacherous against their family. Sinners here are stuck in ice up to their necks, but are able to move their necks. Antenora- These sinners betrayed their country, they are buried up to their necks but can not move them. Ptolomea- These sinnners were treacherous against their guests and host. They are buried in ice, covering half of their face. As they cry, their tears seal their eyes shut, they are denied the comfort of crying Judecca- These sinners betrayed their masters, they are completely covered in ice. Satan is depicted as having 3 faces. He chews on 3 sinners Brutus and Cassius- the 2 men that betrayed and killed Julius Caesar. They are being chewed by the faces on each side of Satan. In the middle mouth, Satan chews Judas Iscariot, the man who betrayed Jesus. Continued... Satan is covered in ice up to his waist Dante and Virgil (his guide through hell) crawl down Satan's thighs between the ice, through a small gap. Satan is considered the center of the earth, making him the center of gravity as well. As they are climbing down, they turn and begin climbing up. Dante and Virgil are now at the River Lethe (the ancient river of forgetfulness). They reach earth and see dawn breaking, just before Easter Sunday. Circle Nine: Cocytus Round one: Caina- Traitors to their kin
Round two: Antenora- Traitors to their homeland The frozen River Cocytus Round one named Caina (after Cain, who slew his brother))
The heads of those most famous for betraying their families were found here; stuck in ice up to their necks. Round two named Antenora (after the Trojan believed to have betrayed Troy to the Greeks)
The heads of those who have betrayed their homeland or party; stuck in the ice up to their necks but cannot move. 1st Two Sinners (Bisenzio brothers):
Killed eachother overs politics
2nd Sinner: Camiscione dei Pazzi
Famous for killing a kinsman for political power
3rd sinner: Bocca
Refuses to tell Dante his name so Dante threatens to pull out all his hair. He goes through with this threat as the sinner continues to challenge and question him.
Last two sinners: Ugolino and Ruggieri
Submerged close together, one's head is chewing the other Ugolino gnawing the Head of Ruggieri Intro:
Dante and Virgil find themselves in a completely frozen lake. Dante suddenly hears a voice ordering him to watch where he walks, or he might step on the heads of his fellow brothers. They soon notice all the heads of the famous sinners who are frozen in the ice forever. Canto 28 Circle Eight: Bolgia Nine Dante is disturbed by witnessing men who have been sliced open from chin to groin.
This sinner introduces himself as Mohammed. He points out a fellow sinner, whose face is chopped in half. That’s Ali, the man responsible for splitting the Muslims up into the rival factions of the Sunnis and Shiites. Falsifiers (Impersonators, Counterfeitors, and Liars) Canto 31 Towering Giants Vigil and Dante are almost at the end of Circle 8 going to circle 9, when Dante start seeing giants chained to the floor by their feet, but confused them by tower because of the mist, until Virgil corrected him. Antaeus lifts Dante and Virgil in his hand and lowers them to the final Circle after hearing their request. Many of them were guilty of the sin of pride, and rebelling against their Gods just like the angels of Christian mythology rebelled against God, but not all of them were evil. Giants sins: Nimrod: first king of Babylon, was the builder of the Tower of Babel, and he always talk gibberish (reason why there’s so many languages in the world)
Ephialthes and Braireous warred against the ancient gods.
Tityos and Typhon insulted Jupiter and Zeus.
Antaeus refrained from warring against the gods. He is not bound, unlike the other giants, and because of him the gods were able to resist the giants. Symbolism:
Horn of Roland:
Dante hears a horn (blown by Nimrod) that is louder than thunder and says that the sound is more ominous than that of the horn of Roland. Sinners and Diseases: Circle 9: Treachery Sins: Lies -common fraud
-treacherous to country
-treacherous to host and guest Notes: -has to face Lucifer alone
-he has to face his sins alone
-in a frozen wasteland alone with his thoughts and prayers He goes through: Falsifiers are punished with insanity, and affected by different types of diseases. Alchemists get leprosy for trying to change lead into gold.
Evil Impersonators are insane. They will be confused of who they are for making people confused.
Counterfeitors for making what they have bigger than it should be, they will get dropsy. A good example of that would be Adam of Brescia (lines 106-108).
Liars are feverous and stink. He begins his journey in the last circle of hell. He travels through the frozen wasteland he comes across a woman who tells him the way but has him the question of "Can you trust a traitor?" Punishment: Dante and Virgil recalls stories from antiquity where humans turned against each other, just like Juno made King Athamas go insane. A good example of insanity in the circle, is when they see the sinners tear each other with their teeth, like Gianni Schicchi bites into Cappochio's neck and drags him away. You are alone having to face all of your sins alone in a frozen land, You are completely isolated the ultimate punishment. People mentioned: Atilia
Judas: the man who gave away jesus's location to the soldiers for 30 silver coins this lead to Jesus's arrest and crucifixion. Other Falsifiers:
Myrrha (slept with her dad), Potiphar's Wife, and Sinon of Troy (the lying Greek). Myrrha, condemned for incest. Virgil and Dante are almost at the end of the Circle 8 going to Circle 9 when Dante start seeing giants chained to the floor, but confused them by towers because of the mist until Virgil correct him. Intro: Giants:
Many of them were guilty of the sin of pride, and they rebelled against their ancient gods just like the angels of Christian mythology rebelled against God, but not all of them were evil. Nimrod: builder of the Tower of Babel always talk gibberish (first king of Babylon, and the reason why there’s so many languages in the world).
Ephialtes and Briareus: warred against the ancient gods
Tityos and Typhon: insulted Jupiter & Zeus.
Antaeus: refrained from warring against the gods. He is not bound, unlike the other giants, and because of him the gods were able to resist the giants. Canto 31 Towering Giants At the end Antaeus lifts Dante and Virgil in his hand and lowers them to the final Circle after hearing their request. The sinners walk in circles until they reach a point where a big bad demon with a sword slashes them in half, then they keep walking and dripping gore everywhere, eventually heal, then come back to be killed again. Canto 29 Circle Eight After seeing all these lamed, maimed, and decapitated people, Dante’s in a weepy mood

The point is that there’s more suffering here in the ninth pouch of Hell than there was on Aegina. Basically, everyone here is afflicted with some horrible disease.

Dante later runs into two sinners that are fighting each other with their claws.
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