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No description

Jessica Tunstall

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Ahmed

Other odd facts: So there you are- keep your eyes and ears open for more fantastic facts about secret islands of the Archipelago. The hidden mist Island many people are only aware of the most famous Islands in the Archipelago. however, in the capricious waves, some of the most extraordinary Islands are hiding from Alvin the Treacherous reign. Appearance This beautiful island has a tropical climate with beautiful glistening birds of paradise. It is known for its golden, shimmering, sandy beaches. The best time to visit the Island is Winter. However, beware of those vicious vikings they like to float around few months to protect
their island from strangers. distinguishing
features The hidden mist Island is best Known for breeding the worlds fastest and most harmful dragons. over 300,000 dragons live on this beautiful secret paradise in harmony with the hidden Vikings. .Vicious vikings never talk to strangers
who don't live on the island; .The island is able to move across the sea using a 200 foot sail; .Some say that it is the gas from the bubbles
flowers that makes everyone angry; .The vicious vikings only known sworn
enemy is the silence tribe.
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