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Magic Bullet Theory

No description

Gina Bartolone

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Magic Bullet Theory

Magic Bullet Theory
Instead of everyone accepting what the media says, today people develop their own opinions based on what the media reports. The public chooses what they want to hear and believe and selective exposure play a larger role on influencing the community.

What is the Magic Bullet Theory?
"Mass media has a direct, immediate and powerful effect on its audiences"
In the 1940s and 1950s, mass media was known to highly influence people and change their behavior
Radio drama - The Mercury Theatre on Air (1938)

Episode titled "War of the Worlds"
The episode broadcast was presented as a series of fake news bulletins one of which suggested there was an alien attack that was in progress
In response...
The rise of radio and television
In other words... the intended message is directly received and wholly accepted by the receiver. The media can influence what the audience does.The message that the media wants is "injected" into the audiences mind which would stimulate a response
Is sometimes referred to as the Hypodermic Needle Model
The emergence of advertising
Payne Fund studies of the 1930s
emphasized on the impact
of motion pictures on
The bullet theory suggests that the
message is a bullet, fired from the "media gun" (mass media) into the viewer's "head"
(the receiver)
A large panic occurred throughout the country
Many fled their homes and loaded
their cars
Went to churches to pray
People wore gas masks



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