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open public space

No description

Anna Butenko

on 6 February 2016

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Transcript of open public space

OPEN PUBLIC SPACE What makes a city unique...? squares parks streets yards embankments playgrounds PUBLIC SPACES Who triggers a change of public spaces? or municipalities companies program a change hire a designer to develop a project and the citizens get the result without influencing on it Public space I think this is about facts! I think this is about feelings! I think this is about data! Different
perspectives municipalities I think this is about feelings! responsibility ideas initiate a change funding get approval build a local community but it should be a more bottom-up approach companies citizens designers OPEN PUBLIC SPACE PLATFORM
THE CHANGE OF THE URBAN ENVIRONMENT Who triggers a change of public spaces? Change starts from Designers get a chance to share
their ideas with mass audience they upload their designs on
openpublicspace.com and tag to relevant categories
due to type of space squares streets parks playgrounds markets pavilions yards transportation type of activities rest relaxation new city services sport meditation picnic or type of event
for which the space was designed conferences exhibitions workshops festival lectures concerts the ideas get published and shared a database of possible projects is gathered anyone can Finished 1st step project1 Last step project2 project3 project4 project...111 companies willing to promote themselves through installations in public spaces
or organizing any big event willing to improve spaces they are responsible for municipalities any citizen willing to change the environment choose the project that fits their needs from
openpublicspace.com database propose a place
for a project realization 2nd step 3rd step get approval from local
authorities make a first donation now others who love the idea have to donate as well to get project realized everybody's vote and donation
brings the project closer to realization what are possible scenarios for crowd sourcing & crowd funding After a first donation is made others start to contribute with big amounts or small when the needed sum is gathered 5 % goes
to designer and he adopts the project for the picked place 5 % goes
to openpublicspace.com to get more projects realized or ` company municipality OR pick a project and decide to realize it they sign a contract with a designer for adopting the idea to chosen place or pay a designer for using idea designers will grow in portfolio
and find clients citizens will promote preferred projects companies will find a new way to promote themselves as more people will learn how to the database on how to get approvals
in different countries will be gatered open space platform will help to in different parts of the world and people will be able to form their demands and launch competitions between designers through the openpublicspace platform (c) Anna Butenko & Carlo Petrolo
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