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China's One Child Policy

No description

Na Eun Ha

on 2 November 2014

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Transcript of China's One Child Policy

Success & Failure
How am I implemented?
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Started in 1978, but did not had much effect. Had effect in 1979.
In September 25, 1980, the policy formally instituted by Chinese Communist Party
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Natural growth rate decreased
1985-> 14.26
2009-> 5.05
Birth rate decreased
, too
1985-> 21.04
2009-> 12.13
Overpopulation-Not enough resources supply (food, waters, public services...etc)
Less working people-'4-2-1'
What am I
was born in 1979, Republic of China by Chinese government - method of controlling population
response to explosive population growth
mandated that couples from China's Han majority could only have one child

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O.C.P. (One Child Policy)

Where/ Who is affected by OCP?
In 2007, 35.9% of China’s Population was related to One Child Policy.
Women & Children
From 30,000 women in Jiangsu Province, one third of them could get second child, but third of those eligible women said they would consider to have second child.
"4-2-1" problem
"Spare branches" problem
"Little emperor"
Forced abortion
all families have access to free birth control, education, and contraception
free education and healthcare for children
10% wage bonus, priority for housing, and pension benefit for the parents of one child
unapproved pregnancy - compulsory abortion(birth control), couples w/ 2 children; offered sterilization & night raids on houses
physically or mentally handicapped or died
1st child - girl ; especially in rural areas - boys; considered as more useful
bribe to local government officials
For Han(92%) Majority
For Minority(8%)
Children don't know the true meaning of 'sibling'.
Children feel pressure to taking care of pressure, and the pressure on them to succeed
can have at least 2 children
sometimes, as many as 4 children
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