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The Drummer Boy of Shiloh by Ray Brabury

No description

Laura Sprywa

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of The Drummer Boy of Shiloh by Ray Brabury

The Drummer Boy of Shiloh
Ray Bradbury Inference Question #1
What can you infer about the age and experience level of the boy in the photo on page 319?
*Observe his uniform. Inference Question #2
Why does the boy react the way he does in the first paragraph? page 318
*Note the boy's reaction when the peach pit strikes the drum. Inference Question #3
What can you conclude about what life was like in the Civil War army camp?
*Observe photo on page 320 Inference Question #4
What feelings does the boy have in lines 43-48? page 321
*Note what he does and the author's description of him. Inference Question #5
What attitude about the war is conveyed in the General's speech? page 322 Inference Question # 6
From the General's words and actions
what can you determine about his character? page 322 Inference Question #7
What can you tell about Joby's feelings toward the General from the way he speaks and listens to him throughout the story? page 323 Vocabulary
1. askew: to one side
2. strew: here and there; scattered
3. solemn: deeply serious
4. legitimately: lawfully
5. resolute: firm or determined
6. muted: muffled or softened Ray Bradbury - 1920-2012 Answer #1
He looks young and his unifrom looks new and clean, suggesting that he has not had experience in battle. Answer #2
The boy is nervous, and the unexpected sound makes his heart race. Evidence: "like panic, which jerked the boy upright" line 4 Answer #3
Soldiers spent most of their time outdoors, sheltered only by tents. They cooked their food over a fire that was also used to keep them warm. The men passed the time playing games and talking to each other. Answer #4
The boy feels frightened, resentful, and vulnerable. Evidence:The boy feels "his family move yet farther off away in the dark." He calls his drum "worse than a toy," and he hopes that in the morning the other soldiers may leave without him and the war will go away too. Answer #5
The General is resolute but realistic because he knows that the men are inexperienced and need training. He expresses his need for Joby to help keep the men moving. Evidence: "men actually die in war" line112 "you are the heart of the army" line115 Answer #6
The General cares about his troops. He is like a father figure. He is a leader. Evidence: The General checks on the troops. He hears Joby crying and stops to talk with him. He expresses that he also cried letting the boy know that it is okay. Answer #7
Joby listens to the General respectfully, and he promises to do his best to support the General in battle. Inference: an inference is a logical guess using personal knowledge and experience along with clues from the text. Can you explain what an inference is and how you can find answers when they are not written out within a text?
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