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Simple meaningful models

Balazs Trojak

on 31 December 2016

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Transcript of BIM

Digital representation
Shared resource
Reliable basis for decisions
From concept to demolition

“Single source of truth” containing:

Geographic / Geometric / Spatial information
Full material quantities
Material definitions
Phasing / Sequencing data
Performance data
Functional data
Financial information
Maintenance data
Not a piece of software, but relies on technology

What is BIM?

Layers of BIM

BIM means different things to different people

BIM for Buildings
BIM for Refurbishment
BIM for Rail
BIM for Infrastructure
BIM for FM
BIM for Retail
BIM for Manufacturing
BIM for Supply Side Delivery

Dimensions of BIM

The panacea of the construction industry

The new CAD

Substitute for good communication

Excuse not to provide traditional documentation

The future

Tick box in the bid process

A perfect system GIGO

A passing fad

What is BIM?
Why use BIM?
Current framework

UK Government demand:

To reduce the cost of capital projects by improving the design and construction process for buildings and infrastructure.

To reduce Whole Life Cost and improve carbon performance.
Better value and efficiency.

Why use BIM?

2016 Deadline

The BIM Wedge

BIM is here to stay

Why use BIM?

Images sourced from google
Images sourced from google
Images sourced from google
Images sourced from google
Images sourced from google
SWOT Analysis
Dimension 1:
Dimension 2:
Dimension 3:
Dimension 4:
Dimension 5:
Dimension 6:
Dimension X:
3D Models
Time scheduling
Cost scheduling
FM, sustainability, decommissioning, safety
Current BIM framework

What is BIM not?

What is BIM?

What is BIM?

BIM means different things to different people

20% Technology
80% People and process

Why use BIM?

Images sourced from google
Training / Support
Paraforms services
Images sourced from google
Images sourced from google
Images sourced from google
CIC BIM Protocol
CPIx Templates
Digital plan of work
Uniclass 2
Why use BIM?



Optimised construction process
using virtual building
Closer supply chain integration /
Off site construction
Clash free when it arrives on site
Site safety modeling
Temporary works modeling

Reduced risk through increased
certainty / reduced waste and cost
Sequencing (4D) / QTo (5D) / FM data (6D)
Better planning - shorter programmes
Meeting client / government objectives 2016
Strategic market positioning
Content creation
Project modelling
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