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Business Etiquette


Jason Spevak

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Business Etiquette

The Affordable
Care Act
Tax Implications
at a Business Luncheon
Proper Etiquette
Tonight's Topics:
Dining Etiquette
Follow Up
Round 1: Preparation
Round 1
Round 1: Preparation
Arrive early
Round 3: Dining
Place napkin on your lap
Begin with small talk
Work from the outside in

The time for business decisions, such as who will get the job
Send a thank you letter ASAP regardless of your experience
You are the future of this world...
Take action
Take initiative
Take time
Respond to an invitation promptly
Business suit
Neutral suit
Round 4: Follow Up
Round 2: Introductions
All purses and bags should be placed on the floor
Things to Remember
Conversation Tips
Table Tricks
The Ultimate Prize: The Job
Bring a copy of an up-to-date resume
Have background research about the company and any questions you may have
Neat hair
Polished shoes
Shirt and tie
Stand, make eye contact, and smile!
Include first name, last name, and brief information
Maintain eye contact throughout firm handshake
Avoid fixing your makeup, hair, or picking at your teeth
Your cell phone should be turned off
Men should remain standing until all women sit
Four courses: soup, salad, entrée, and dessert
Try not to order the most or least expensive item
Do not begin eating until the host begins
Keep elbows off table
Pass salt and pepper together
Never season your food before tasting it
Be an active listener
Use body language to convey interest
Refrain from personal questions
Never order more than you can eat
Keep your bites small
Do not offer to pay or leave the tip if you are invited
University of Tennessee:
Elmira College:
University of Delaware:
University of Houston:
Frank Ator, CPA
Partner of Kubishin and Ator, CPA's
What is the most important thing you look for in a young professional as a business owner?
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