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Bailey Hopkins

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Christian Studies timeline
On the 25Th of December 1 BC Jesus Christ was born. He was born in Bethlehem and was given frankincense, Gold and Myrrh. He was born of the Virgin Mary.
1. Jesus is born
After Jesus was born he picked 12 disciples. They're names were Simon, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James, Thaddeus, Simon and Judas
2. Jesus sends out 12 Disciples
Jesus was baptized in the Jordan. He was baptized by John the Baptist. Jesus was about 30 when he was baptized.
3. Jesus is Baptised
John the Baptist was Beheaded on 33 AD at an unknown location. Not many people know who beheaded John the Baptist. John the Baptist was about 30-31 years old when he was beheaded.
4. John the Baptist's head is cut off
Jesus told two men that they had demons inside them. The demons said " please don't torture us." Jesus said he wouldn't. They asked if they could go into the herd of pigs and Jesus said yes. So the demons left they're bodies and went into the herd of pigs.
5. Jesus heals two men controlled by demons
Just after Jesus put the Apostles on a boat in the dead sea. He saw them and Peter said " if that is really you then invite me out" Jesus said " come out" and Peter did but then he panicked and sunk. Jesus rescued him.
6. Jesus walks on water
Before Jesus had the last supper and was killed he predicted his coming death. He told his disciples that he would be crucified. He also told them that he would rise from his grave and ascend into heaven.
7. Jesus tells about his coming death
On a day we now celebrate as good Friday Jesus was nailed to a cross by soldiers. He was forced to carry his cross a far distance and it was made of strong and heavy wood. He was crucified because he said he was the savior and the Jewish people couldn't believe that so they thought he was lying which is a disobeying to the ten commandments and that is why they killed him.
8. Jesus is nailed to a cross
After Jesus was crucified he was buried in a tomb. Closing over that tomb was a giant boulder. When some people went to pray there they saw that the boulder had moved. they reported this and Jesus had ascended into heaven.
9. Jesus rises form the dead
When Jesus was walking he saw a blind man. Jesus spat on the ground and made some mud and rubbed it on the mans eyes. Jesus said go wash of in the pool. When the blind man went home after washing off he could see.
10. Jesus heals a blind man

When Jesus was walking he saw a widow carrying a coffin. She was grieving. Jesus said to the widow was that your only son. she said yes. He said tell your son to get up. She did and he got up.
13. Jesus revives a widows son
Jesus asked some people who is the most important person is. Some replied Allah and some replied Jesus. Jesus replied that neither were the most important. He finally said that the one and only God was the most important.
11. Jesus asks who the most important person is
The Jewish leaders were planning to kill Jesus. Then Jesus said to some people that the day after tommorow would be the death of the son of God.
12. People plan to kill jesus
One of Jesus' disciples handed over Jesus to the Jewish leaders to be killed. Then Judas was also paid to hand Jesus over. Judas asked the leaders how much they would pay and the leaders said that they would pay him 30 pieces of gold.
14. Judas hands over Jesus
When Jesus is in heaven he acclaims that all of his believers and followers from when he was on earth will rise from the dead. He said that also all the people that ever believed in either him or God would rise from the dead
15. Believers will rise from the dead
When Saul was doing bad things like calling muderous threats to Jesus' disciples Jesus made him blind for three weeks and saul did not eat or drink anything for those weeks. Saul was later renamed as Paul
16. Paul/Saul suffers
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