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Cross Country

No description

megan kearney

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Cross Country

Cross Country
The sport of running long distance.
Middle school - 3k
The score is a little different. The team with the lowest score wins. If you place in the top ten your score is the number you placed.
It is very important to run before a meet or a race. It gets you ready for the race and you will get a better time.
High school- 5k
college - 5k - 10k
Top Runners
Girls Boys
1. Lynn Jennings
1. Craig Virgin
2. Deena Kastor
2.Pat Porter
3. Doris Brown- Heritage
3. Steve Prefotaine
The courses can range to anything from tons of hills or it can be completely flat.
It can be on grass, pavement,and gravel.
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