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The Great Gatsby

No description

Gurneet Jassal

on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby
Greed for Wealth
Period of decayed social and moral values
Gatsby's parties are main cause of corruption
People compare each other's wealth
East Egg represents inherited money
West Egg represents self made rich

East Egg show grace and elegance but are inconsiderate
Use money as blindfold
West Egg are flashy and lack social decency
Shown as sincere and loyal

Corruption of American Dream
Dissatisfied love between Gatsby and Daisy
Social imbalance
Getting wealthy through crime
Impressing each other from money

World War One
July 28th, 1914 when Austria Hungary declared war on Serbia
Countries such as Germany, Russia, France, Great Britain and America were all drawn into the war
Relation to Gatsby
Gatsby not being very wealthy during the time was forced to go to war
This opened up many opportunities for him such as, meeting Daisy
Significance of World War One
His love for Daisy played a huge role in Gatsbys transformation, as it initiated his desire for wealth and upper class to impress Daisy
American Dream
Originally was the idea of freedom, equality and opportunity
Traditionally was held for all Americans
The dream was for a life of personal happiness
It was achieved by risk-taking and hard work
Was for individuals to go beyond meeting their basic needs to achieve self - actualization

The Hollowness of the Upper Class
2. Analyze The Great Gatsby as a period piece, a reflection of life in the 1920's. Why is this decade appropriate as a vehicle for communicating the themes of the novel?
World War I
Prohibition in America
- Prohibition was a period in America in which any alcoholic beverage was outlawed
- After American Revolution, alcohol sales were at their highest
- Temperance movement
Gangsters of the 1920's
- Doctors could prescribe alcohol
- New breed of gangster arose in this era like Wolfsheim
- Rumrunners
- Speakeasies
- Al Capone
- Arnol Rothstien
American Dream
- Gatsby's Saturday night parties led to the corruption of the American Dream
- Meyer Wolfshiem and Gatsby's fortune symbolizes the rise of organized crime in the 1920's
- Gatsby's dream was destroyed by the unworthiness of the object and his pursuit to achieve it
- " The lawn and drive had been crowded with the faces of those who guessed at his corruption—and he had stood on those steps, concealing his incorruptible dream, " (Fitzgerald)
West Egg
East Egg
The newly rich millionaires of the 1920's
Vulgar, Gaudy, Lack of Social Grace and Taste
Earned wealth through criminal activity
demonstrates characteristics of loyalty and sincerity
Sociololgy of wealth vastly differs between the newly rich and the old aristocracy rich families.
Inherited their wealth
Posses grace, taste, and wealth
Lack moral values and extremely careless
Use money to resolve their problems
Unaware of their actions towards others
Economy in the 1920's was at an all time high.
Many wealthy people were buying stocks which only led to the rich getting richer.
1. What is Prohibition?
2. What does Gatsby's fortune symbolize?

Income tax dropped to 25%
Time period earned the nickname, "Roaring-twenties"
3. What is the nickname for the 1920's?
4. What percentage did income tax drop to during the 1920's?
5. What did the American Dream originally represent?
The American dream was in easier grasp then ever.
The line between the rich and the poor became extremely evident.
Overindulgence became a trend
This set the theme for "The Great Gatsby" and the new American dream
World War One also led to the booming economy and Prohibition Era in the 1920`s, events that played an immense aspect in the novel
7. When did the World War 1 begin? Give the month, date and year.
8. Name 4 countries that were involved in World War One, not including America.
6. Identify one event in the novel that showed the corruption of the American Dream and how?
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