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History of Ancient India

Ancient India's History

Jaden McCann

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of History of Ancient India

Ancient India
Buddhism in Ancient India

Buddha was a rarely worshiped god in India. Buddha died out almost completely in India.
Boats were the key to water transport in ancient India.
Camels have been round for a long time and are great for traveling in the desert because of how little water they need.
Elephants have also been essential to ancient India's transportation.
Ancient India has a lot of big architectural places such as temples. the places were usually made out of baked bricks. The big place are the ones that stayed around which are usually some of the most old important places.
- Special Journeys to sacred places such as the temple in southern India are an important feature of Hindu life
for thousands of years India was isolated from the resat of the world by a moutian range called the Himalayas.
Pictures of Buddha
of ancient India
buddha was could be made in three diffrent poses
The transportation of
ancient India is very
interesting because of all
of the different types.
- Ancient Indian woman have red dots on their foreheads to mark that theyre married
Maps of Ancient India
Location of India
Ancient India is alot diffrient than India now
hinduism is the worshiping of many gods that are in everything . hindus represent 90 percent of indias religous populus.
this is a worship temple.the thing is it closely represents the archetictual design of the kremlin in moscow russia.Movement of ideas?

these are gods of the hndu which are also the gods of the free bhudas
trade in India
this is the kremlin

the religous impacts of hinduism effects the buddha as it created the bhudda.the government of india is consisted of mainly hinduis
trader came from as far away as Mesopotamia to buy and sell goods adults enjoyed games/music and artisans wear bright cotton robes for men/woman
religous temple
invaders also used
this is
the mountian passes to get to the Indus river
The Ancient Indians lived next to the Himalayan Mountains cutting them off from the outside world.
What was it like
in Ancient India?
my essential question is
how did ancient indians massive
mountain range effect how
people came and left India.
This is a huge question with a huge answer! this is a lot so i have to narrow the answer down.
answer: it didn't effect it at all. people
just came right across the mountain. range.
Essential question
Ancient India had a lot to the culture. It has different places and what those places are like. A lot of the places are made out of baked brick.
after the birth of contemporary
Hinduism, Jainism,
Buddhism, and
Sikhism arts flourished
under the patronage
of kings and emperors.
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