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No description

Fred Gray

on 7 July 2011

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Transcript of iTradeCurrenciesA

3 minute video:
how you make money trading currencies $ exchange rate € use one currency to buy another currencies are always traded in pairs EURUSD $1.36 €1 = $1.35 trading currencies
4 decimal places $1.3500 $1.3600 1/100th of a cent 1 PIP trading currencies is the same as investing in any other asset class property, shares, bonds, gold... exchange rate has risen
by 100 PIPs EURUSD
80 - 100 PIPs (average per day) (average per day) GBPUSD
70 - 80 PIPs (average per day) exchange rate
has risen by
1 cent our profit is simply determined by the number of pips the exchange rate moves in our favour we decide how much we
are going to trade on
each pips movement you don't need thousands to
start trading currencies, starting with as little as £50 / €50 / $50, you could place a trade at
£1 / €1 / $1 per pip £10/€10/$10 chosen trade
size x 80 PIPs day's
move £800
$800 15 minutes a day (preferably in the evening) free daily report follow us live Complete the form 8 page guide day's
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