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District of Columbia v. Heller

Supreme Court Case on Gun Rights in the District of Columbia

Brock Godbout

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of District of Columbia v. Heller

Supreme Court Case District of Columbia v. Heller Description of the District of
Columbia V. Heller Once a man named Dick Heller tried to register a gun but the District of Columbia refused. Heller filed a lawsuit against the District of Columbia on Second Amendment grounds. In 2007 Richard Heller had his 6 plaintiffs ready for the trial for gun rights in District of Columbia. His plaintiffs were of different race, gender, and age. They were all citizens of District of Columbia. The law requires that all guns that are registered have to be disassembled, unloaded, or bound by a trigger lock unless used at a business or recreational activities. Heller wanted this part of the law to be abolished so he can own a gun for safety. Heller used the Second Amendment as his ground. Verdicts of the Lower Courts and Supreme Courts Supreme Court Verdict: They approved with Heller and abolished that part of the law so everyone could own a gun so they can protect themselves at their house instead of calling 911 and they are already robbed,kidnapped, or dead by the time the cops get there. The people of D.C. needed there rights for a gun in there house. Lower court Verdict The Lower Courts decided that they should not have abolish this part of the law and should keep it as it is. Everybody including the Mayor petitioned that the Supreme Court should rehear the case they disapproved. Later they finally took up the case and the gun right in DC was going on again. RELEVANT TODAY OR NOT? Yes it is relevant today because everyone in D.C. can own a gun if they register it legally. The citizens in D.C. now share the same rights to bear arms as do the citizens of the rest of the country. Now the citizens don't have to keep it unloaded disassembled or bound by a trigger lock. The Relief Sought is..... Heller and his plaintiffs wanted The Firearms Regulation Act abolished so people can defend themselves if they need to. Everyone has a natural right to life and how can they do that without defending themselves. THE END
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