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Food Chains

No description

Tamsin Cregan

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Food Chains

Feeding Types
Read Text - Write definitions in your books
Predator - Prey
Write your own definition for predator and prey, and give examples
Read text - write definitions
Well done!!
Ecosystems and Food Chains
Read the text, write definitions in your books
Food Chains
Copy the food chain, write an explanation.
Food Chains
Work through the frames - complete for homework
Predator - Prey Changes
Read - then write a summary.
Food Chains
Read - draw the food chain and note the feeding types
Ranking Consumers
Note and explain the different types of consumer

Food Chains to Food Web
Read - how could these chains link?
Can you find the food chains in this food web?
Copy the food web and then answer the questions.
Copy the following food chains, then draw the food web
Changes in the food chains
Changes in the food chain
Copy the food web, the numbers show how many of these organisms live in a sample area. Answer the following:
What will happen to the numbers if the owl leaves the area?
What will happen if the grass dies?
What will happen if the ladybirds move away?
For each question, give an estimate as to how the change will impact on the other organisms.
New Zealand Food Chains and Webs
Research and write down as many food chains and/or webs that you can find that are UNIQUE to NZ!!
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