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Writing Prompts (Theatre & Logical Fallacies)

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Jennifer Guffin

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Writing Prompts (Theatre & Logical Fallacies)

Writing Prompt:
Think carefully about your character profiles.
In a FULL paragraph (5-7 lengthy sentences), write about what would happen if you changed focus from one character in your play to another, or if one character went "off-script." Writing Prompt #2:

Describe, in detail, a commercial you have seen that uses a logical fallacy to convince the viewers to do or buy something.

1 paragraph, 5-7 lengthy sentences Writing Prompt #3:

During political campaigns, ad hominem attacks are used frequently. What is an ad hominem attack? Describe a time when you have seen it used.

1 full paragraph, 5-7 lengthy sentences. Writing Prompt #4:

Give an example of a faulty cause-effect fallacy. Describe how you can avoid these types of fallacies in your own research process.

1 full paragraph, 5-7 lengthy sentences. Writing Prompt:

Write about a time that you remember arguing with someone who was not being logical. What was not logical about their argument? How did it make you feel to argue with them? Were you successful in making your case?

1 paragraph, 5-7 lengthy sentences.
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