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Understanding the Uglies

No description

Sarah Kulcsar

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Understanding the Uglies

Understanding the Uglies
By Sarah Kulcsar
The beginning of the story where the characters and setting is revealed.
Rising Action
This is where the events in the story become complicated and the conflict in the story is revealed.
This is the highest point of the interest and the turning point of the story.
Falling Action
The events and complications begin to resolve themselves. The reader knows what has happened next and if the conflict was resolved or not.
The part of the plot that includes the falling action by revealing or suggesting the outcome of the conflict.
Narrative Hook
The point in the story at which the author catches the reader's attention by presenting interesting problems.
"'I'm Tally Youngblood,' she said. 'Make me pretty.'"
Page 406
Cat vomit pink skies
Fish-like (scudding) looking clouds "ripped into scales by a high-altitude wind" (Pg1)
Blue gaps of night peered through the clouds like an upside-down ocean, bottomless and cold.
Tally saw New Pretty Town through her window
Lit up towers
Burning torches in the garden pathways
Hot-air balloons, fireworks, para sails
Setting II
"Passing river's wake slapping the shore" (Pg5)
Tall reeds (great for spying expeditions
Old, black iron bridges stretching across the water from Uglyville to New Pretty Town
"But nothing has been beautiful since Peris turned pretty. Losing your best friend sucks, even if it's for three months and two days." (Pg1)
Tally soon meets Shay after the big stunt pulled in New Pretty Town and they become close friends. After a few chapters, Tally learns that Shay doesn't want to turn pretty, but instead wants to run away to this hidden place called the "Smoke", where people rebel from turning pretty.
Shay soon goes to meet a guy named David who will guide her to the Smoke after she gives Tally coded directions on how to make it there just in case she changes her mind.
Tally and Shay were supposed to have operations done on the same day, so when pretty officials see that only Tally shows up for the operation, they send her out to look for Shay and bring her back home to have an operation done. If failed to do so, neither of them will ever get the chance to turn pretty. Before she leaves, Tally is given a GPS heart locket to activate when she finds the Smoke so officials can bring her and all the rebels back to the city.
Tally makes the dangerous journey to find Shay and the Smokes, nearly dying a few times along the way. When she finally arrives, she meets Shay and a group of friends she's made while she stayed, one of them being David.
Of course Shay finally noticed the locket around Tally's neck and had to ask if it came from a lover she meet back at home. Unable to think of a better lie, Tally confirmed it, leaving Shay and friends happy, and David not so much.
Tally has no problem living in the Smokes free of pretty influence, and David can see that in her.
David becomes more comfortable around Tally, eventually enough to introduce her to his parents, who not many people have met before. They tell Tally they were the former surgeons that made people pretty, performing hundreds of operations. It wasn't until Maddy (the mother) was told by Az (the father) that there was a slight problem found in all the operations: lesions. These lesions were all very small, but found in the same spot in every pretty except for the pretties who have to think fast for their jobs like doctors, or firefighters.
Special Circumstances soon found out about these discoveries and said to stop or the parents' licenses be removed, so they had no other choice but to flee, and create a place free of pretty influence called the Smokes.
The operation doesn't change the way you look, it changes the way you think.
Soon after meeting his parents, David and Tally start a secretive relationship. To prove Tally loves David and not this lie Shay made up for her, she throws the necklace into a fire pit, not knowing the necklace will send an automatic signal back to the Special Circumstances.
The next morning, hovercrafts and specials were invading the Smokes, holding people prisoner and causing mass destruction to the place. Although Tally puts up a good fight, she gets caught and sent away with Shay and their friends. Shay automatically blame Tally for the invasion, especially after an official scans her eye to confirm her identity.
Everyone is sent back to New Pretty town, along with David, Maddy, (Az is dead) ,and Shay who turned pretty and into another person. Maddy thinks she has a cure for the lesions but is unable to cure Shay because of refusal, so Tally becomes brave enough to surrender...
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