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The Call of the Wild

By: Jack London

Laura Jones

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of The Call of the Wild

By Jack London
Prezi by Laura Jones The Call of the Wild "The Call of the Wild" is a story about sled-dogs' lives out in the cold Alaskan Yukon. The time is around Autumn 1897, right when the Alaskan Gold Rush began. We follow the life of Buck, a Saint Bernard mix, who is pulled from his easy life to a challenging one out on the snow. Buck becomes a sled dog and faces the dangers of the Arctic, all the while learning the law of "Club and Fang." Summary The fight against Spitz takes place earlier on in the book. Spitz is another sled-dog, and is also the dominant (leader) of the "pack." There is an instant rivalry between Buck and Spitz. They have numerous quarrels which lead to the last big one, in which Buck is able to kill Spitz, and take his place as the dominant dog. The Fight against Spitz By this point in the book, Buck has had two masters so far. His second group of Masters are foolish and travel across thin ice and drown. Buck was smart, and refused to travel with them across the ice. After taking many lashings from the whip for not cooperating, a man named John Thornton steps in and takes Buck for his own John becomes Buck's first master that was kind and didn't abandon him. The two share an unbreakable bond. Buck is fiercely loyal to John, and attacks anyone who tries to harm him. Buck gets his third and last Master The ending of "The Call of the Wild" is bittersweet. Buck finally becomes free and is able to roam with the wild Alaskan wolves. However, his decision to run free with his ancestors was made out of the fact that his faithful master John Thornton is dead. One day, when Buck was coming back from hunting moose, he found that some native Indians had attacked the camp and killed John, another human, and all the other sled-dogs. Buck, in his grief and rage, quickly kills the remaining Indians. A wolf pack approaches Buck, and asks him to join them. Buck, now having no master or purpose for pulling a sled, runs off and lives out his remaining years with the wolves. Becoming one of the Pack Why should you read this Book? You should read this book because it has an exciting and great storyline. Anyone who loves a good animal story, especially wolves and huskies, will find this book a treasure to read. It's also a historical fiction seeing as the Gold Rush did actually happen. "The Call of the Wild" is also a well-known classic and is full of description that helps you visualize every scene of this breathtaking novel. Sources Drawing of Buck's and Spitz' Fight: http://www.jacklondons.net/writings/CallOfTheWild/dogfight196292.jpg Book Cover: http://www.mittray.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/The-Call-of-The-Wild.jpg Buck and Thornton: http://allanellenberger.com/wp-content/uploads/spitz-buck-gable.jpg Buck and Wolf: http://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium/call-of-the-wild-illustration-jessica-kale.jpg Background: http://ontheglobe.com/files/2010/07/Yukon-3-150.jpg Fight Scene Video: Youtube
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