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Object Oriented Programming - An Introduction | Java9s.com

Object Oriented programming - An Introduction by - Java9s.com

srinivas reddy S

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Object Oriented Programming - An Introduction | Java9s.com

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Java9s.com P s History Unstructured
Programming Eg., Basic, FOCAL, COBOL etc.,

1)Press the power button
2)Enter boot password
3)if the password is correct, Go to Step 9
5)If number of attempts exceed 5 Go to step 10
7)show message "WRONG PASSWORD" Go to STEP 2.
8)System locked Go to step 10
9)Show message"SYSTEM BOOTING" Go to step 11.
10)call hardware guys.
11)stop Start a computer Structured
Programming Press the Power Button
Enter the boot password;


If - Boot password is correct -break;
show message "WRONG PASSWORD";
if {
number of attempts exceed 5
call hardware guys;
Start system boot
Stop Eg., ALGOL, Pascal, Ada etc., Blocks like "if, else if, switch, for" controlled the program flow. Procedural
Programming Main
Program Procedure 1 Procedure 2 Procedure 3 Procedure 4 Eg., C, FORTRAN etc., Main
Program Modular
Programming Procedure 1 Procedure 2 Procedure 1 Procedure 2 Procedure 1 Procedure 2 Procedure 1 Procedure 2 Procedure 1 Procedure 2 E.g., Matlab, ML, IBM 360 Assembler,
BM RPG etc., Object Oriented
Programming Object Object Object Object Object E.g., SMALLTALK, C++, Java,
Python, .Net Evolution of Object Oriented Programming
and What is an OBJECT? class EmployeeManagement{
int managerSalary;
int salesManSalary;
int managerAttendCurrentMonth;
int salesManAttendCurrentMonth;

print(call calculateManagerSalary());
print(call calculateSalesManSalary());

//use Managers attendance
//use salary permonth;
//use Sales man salary
// use sales man attendance.
} Example - Old Model Everything is an
Object Object Properties Behaviour Data - Variables Methods /
Functions price = 20000
horsePower = 200
color ="black"
manufacturer ="ford" moveForward()
moveBackward() speedGhz = 2.5
weightKg = 2;
price=500; storeData();
playMovies(); color ="white"
intensity =50
price =20 glow(); name = jimmy
age=2 chaseCats();
bark() name ="moon"
type ="natural satellite"
circumferenceinMiles ="6783" rotateAroundEarth() Principles of Object Oriented
Programming Inheritance Encapsulation Abstraction Polymorphism fly() flyFaster() Parent Child class Aeroplane{
void fly(){

} class JetFlight extends Aeroplane{
void flyFaster(){

} When two object classes
are related with
parent-child relationship,
the child classes will have
access to all the variables
and methods of the parent
class. Inheritance promotes Reusability Encapsulation is controlling
access to data and methods of
- Using access modifiers. - Hiding the complexity
public class Car {

Engine engine = new Engine();
Wheel wheel = new Wheel();

int price;
String name;
String color;

void move(){
//move forward
} Poly - many
morph - form Hybrid Cars Petrol Electricity Ploymorphism is achived by
method overriding and overloading www.JAVA9S.com Java9s http://facebook.com/java9s Srinivas Reddy Agenda : History > Object > Principles public class Car {

int price;
String name;
String color;

int engineCapacity;
int engineHorsePower;

String wheelName;
int wheelPrice;

void move(){
//move forward
void rotate(){
//Wheels method

void internalCombustion(){
//Engine Method

} public class Engine {
int engineCapacity;
int engineHorsePower;

void internalCombustion(){
//Engine Method

} public class Wheel {
String wheelName;
int wheelPrice;

void rotate(){
//Wheels method

} JetFlight jf = new JetFlight();
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