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Verbal Bullying

No description

danny ceja

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Verbal Bullying

Verbal Bullying
in Elementary Schools

Verbal Bullying
• Verbal bullying is the most common type of bullying with 77% of students being verbally bullied.
• Male bullying typically verbal and physical
• Female bullying is typically verbal and social
• Depression and suicidal tendencies are directly linked to people who are victims of verbal abuse.
• Only half of educators have received training on how to handle bullying situations.
Signs of Verbal Bullying
• Not wanting to go to school
• Change in demeanor
• Changes in eating/sleeping habits

Effects of Verbal Bullying
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• Verbal bullying can affect one's self image, and affect someone in emotional and psychological ways.
• Low self esteem
• Depression
• Anxiety
• In some extreme cases - suicide.
Elvia Gonzalez
Stacey Mahon
Danny Ceja
When someone uses language to gain power over or to dominate another person repeatedly.
Includes: teasing, mean comments, name-calling, taunting, threatening, inappropriate sexual comments, & spreading rumors.
How to prevent...
Creating a safe environment in the classroom where students are encouraged to support others and get to know each other
Having a clear definition of bullying for students
Having a policy against bullying
Having appropriate and consistent consequences
Getting parents involved
Bullying prevention programs (OLWEUS)
And Words Can Hurt Forever-
“The issue of acceptance versus rejection stands at the core of bullying, harassment, and other forms of emotional violence. Acceptance is the cornerstone to any true prevention program” (p.6).
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