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My Digital Life

No description

Meghan Treacy

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of My Digital Life

Digital Life

I rely on my smartphone more than any other device I own.

I mainly use it to communicate via texting, email, social networking applications, and phone calls.

I also use the camera feature of my phone to take pictures.
MP3 Player
I use my retired iPhone 4S to listen to music in my car and through my ihome speakers.

I also use it to access apps that are not available on my Android powered smartphone.

I mainly use my laptop to compose papers for classes and to complete CID work such as blogging and designing posters.
I use my TV to watch the movies & TV shows that I stream through my Xbox.

I also sometimes use my TV as a second monitor for my laptop, to watch movies or shows that aren't available through Netflix or Hulu on my Xbox.

My main source of entertainment when I spend free time in my room is my Xbox 360 E.

I use my xbox to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix & Hulu, and also to play video games.
entertainment source
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