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Exercise Science ISU


Kajal Laroia

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Exercise Science ISU

What is a physiotherapist?

Career Path for a Physiotherapist
Specific educational institution:
Location of Employment
The University of Windsor
The path of becoming a physiotherapist
Duties of a Physiotherapist Include:
Determining a client's level of mobility, strength, and endurance
Diagnose physical conditions and develop treatment plans to restore movement and function and reduce pain or limitations to mobility
Create treatment goals with patients based on physical diagnoses
Communicate with regard to a patients' problems, needs, and progress
Measure clients' progress regularly
Advise clients on how to manage their conditions independently and help them prevent avoidable recurrences or complications
Help clients understand how the condition affects their ability to function
Advise clients on ways to prevent potential health problems

To become a physiotherapist, University level of education is required

Social Studies
Health & Physical Education

Required high school courses
(grade 11 +12):
In order to practice as a physiotherapist, you must complete an accredited university program in physiotherapy, and then meet licensing requirements in your province
Investment of Time
6 years post-secondary education/training is the usual amount of time spent before you become a registered physiotherapist
Investment of M0NEY
Is often under $12,000 per. year
Specialized Skills
Physiotherapists need strong communication and interpersonal skills and a desire to help others. Manual dexterity is also important.


• $35,000 to $100,000 a year (Exact earnings vary depending upon employer, level of responsibility, and number of hours worked)

• $40,000 to more than $100,000 a year for self-employed physiotherapists

• Earnings depend on experience and location

The average salary for a physiotherapist:
Job Satisfaction
Having the ability to work with many patients and staff
Personal satisfaction to see your patients improve in strength and range of motion with the treatment that’s provided
And to also to see a patient become functionally independent again

Related Jobs...
0ther related occupations in this line of work
You could transfer communication and interpersonal skills into being a:
Massage Therapist
0ccupational Therapist
Physical Therapist Assistant
Recreation Therapist
Sport Medicine Physician
And many more

Future Trends:
1. The employment growth rate will likely be above average because of ongoing trends--a growing and aging population (in particular, more Canadians with disabilities) that requires more health care, new technologies that create new treatments, and changes in the way governments provide health care

2. Although the retirement rate will likely be below average, the number of retiring workers should contribute to job openings

Advancement, self-employment:
Some physiotherapists gain promotion into a senior post while others may move into health service management
May move into private practice (usually after two to five years of experience) and may then progress to open their own practice and become self-employed
Possible to move into teaching or training in physiotherapy and there may also be opportunities in research
A related role is of a sport rehabilitator, as they also deal with musculoskeletal management and exercise-based therapy and fitness

Community Involvement and Co-op Education:
My community involvement in not directly focused on this occupation

You can acquire volunteer work by spending time in a hospital or clinic with physiotherapists

Working conditions
Physiotherapy can be a physically demanding job
Most people in this field are in clinical practices and spend long hours standing, lifting equipment, and physically supporting patients—for example, helping them stand or walk

Job satisfaction among physiotherapists is very high

There are many opportunities to travel and work abroad, to work with elite athletes, and to work in a variety of settings and with a variety of schedules

Some jobs, especially in rural regions and in home care, may require physiotherapists to travel

child development centres
community health centres
fitness centres, health clubs or spas
government and health planning agencies
hospitals and rehabilitation centres
physiotherapy clinics and multidisciplinary clinics (for example, pain clinics)
sport and recreation facilities
And many more

Majority of the time, physiotherapists are mainly indoors, on the run, seeing, and helping many different patients
Physiotherapists have a lot of paperwork and charts to fill out for each patient that they see, and also have to track their progress and plan for their future

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What is an area of job satisfaction?
What is an example of a related occupation?
What is the work environment like for physiotherapists?
What is an example of a benefit for a physiotherapist?
By: Kajal Laroia & Amina Ibrahim Course code: PSE 4U Date: June 15, 2015
Physiotherapists assess and treat patients who have problems with movement due to illness, injury, or physical disabilities
Allows one to work with people of all ages or a particular age group (for example, children or seniors) and this job allows one to focus on a particular practice area. Strong desire to help those who have suffered from an injury and are unable to perform rudimentary tasks. Personal satisfaction from helping others, helping and watching a patient grow to health and able to perfrom basic tasks once again.
Reasons for choosing this occupation:
Top 10 Universities for Physiotherapy:
#1 University of Southern California
#2 University of Delaware
#3 University of Pittsburgh
#4 Washington University in St. Louis
#5 University of Iowa
#6 Baylor University
#7 Emory University
#8 MGH Institute of Health Professions
#9 Northwestern University
#10 University of Miami

It takes about 5 years for a prospective physiotherapist to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. After that, it takes at least 2 years to complete a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy, or 3-4 years to complete a Doctor of Physiotherapy degree
Physicians like Hippocrates and later Galenus are believed to have been the first practitioners of physiotherapy
Professional physiotherapy was established in Canada near the end of World War I
Physiotherapy is an effective treatment for vertigo. Many patients dealing with vertigo find relief by regularly attending physiotherapy sessions.
Physiotherapists assign homework. It is crucial that patients work on their physiotherapy homework, because in doing so, the patient will see desired results faster.
Some physiotherapy clinics employ the use of video games to help patients reach their goals. There are about 50 video games that are utilized by physiotherapists to help patients with stroke rehabilitation, cerebral palsy paralysis, and spinal cord and brain injuries.
There are about 14000 physiotherapists in Canada.

To enter a master’s program, you first need to complete a 4-year bachelor’s degree, including specific courses in areas such as human psychology, and statistics

Once you have completed a physiotherapy program, you will need to be licensed or registered with the regulatory board in your province (This usually involves passing an exam)
Job Stress
Conflict at work
If a patient does not recover
After conducting, focus groups and small-sample surveys, physical therapists have reported high levels of job stress
For the most part, physiotherapists’ views of their work environments were positive
Studies have demonstrated that physical therapists may experience high levels of job stress. Common sources of work stress for a physiotherapist include excessive workloads, such as both clinical and administrative, and a lack of resources, such as equipment, staffing, and time.

Approximately how many physiotherapists are there here in Canada?

Who were believed to have been the first people to practice physiotherapy? (there were 2 mentioned)

Near the end of which war was the profession of physiotherapy established?

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