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The Horned Toad

Short Story Project

Hannah Vanderbilt

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of The Horned Toad

The Horned Toad
Hannah Vanderbilt
By: Gerald Haslam
Page: 245
The story was set in Oildale, near Bakersfield in south central California.
The mood of "The Horned Toad" is sadness because Grandma and the horned toad died.
The tone of "The Horned Toad" is sadness too, because the narrator was upset through most of the story because he lost his loved ones.

The first theme is about family values because he learns that family comes before anything and you should always be there for them and care for them no matter what.
The second theme of this story is about nature because Grandma cares for and respects nature, and sees beauty in the smallest of things.
The Narrator
She was a Static character.
She did not change throughout the story.
Grandma loves and respects nature and has a strong opinion about things. She teaches the narrator to respect nature and to care and respect his family.
He was a Dynamic character.
He learns to be respectful of nature.
The Narrator doesn't respect nature at the beginning of the story, but after Grandma comes and stays for a while he learns how to be respectful of it and he learns about the value of family and love.
Item: the horned toad
Represents: How he felt about his loved ones and how close he was with his family.
1. Where was the story set?
2. What happens to the horned toad?
3. How does the narrator feel about the horned toad and Grandma when they die?
4. What is the relationship between Grandma and the narrator?
Haslam, Gerald.
Glencoe Literature The Reader's Choice.

Arkansas Edition 2005. New York, New York:
McGraw Hill Glencoe, 2005. 245-251. Print.
Steven Thompson
In "The Horned Toad" the narrator found and brought the horned toad to the house and the grandma told him to go take it back where he got it. He kept it as a pet and then he lost it and it got ran over by a truck. Then, Grandma died and they buried her where they buried their grandpa. They became closer as a family and the narrator learned how to respect nature more.
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