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daniel mora

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of India

India Tandoori Chicken Religion The President Food Government Clothing Language
Geography History Hindi and Bengal Socializing Families are very religious and philosophical Culture National Sport Bobbatlu Poli Curry Chicken Mahatma Gandhi Indus Valley Culture Federal Republic Independence
15 August 1947
(from UK) January 26
Republic Day President serves 5 year Terms Symbols Anthem: Jana Gana Mana Holidays Flag of India 2500 BC Indus Valley Culture Timeline 326 BC Spread of Buddhism 1150 AD Sean Dynasty 1202 Turkish Defeat Sean Dynasty 1835 British Institute of Education 1947 War on Pakistan 1948 Mahtma Gandhi Assasinted
in New Delhi 1995 Unpopular terrorist group
formed Maps national bird textile goods, gems and jewelry, engineering goods, chemicals, leather manufacturers Economy crude oil, machinery, fertilizer, chemicals Imports Exports National Flower Currency: Indian Rupee Natural Resources Oil, natural gas, and electricity telecomunications India is completely on the India tectonic plates in the north west the thar desert in the north east are the Himalayas age structure transportation 333 airports, 7 ports, 16,180 km of water ways, pipelines population literacy rate: 48% life expectancy: 70 Smt.Pratibha Patil is the president BJP not a anti-Muslim party but a escape goat of Congress party's propaganda machine: Gadkari
Anil Rane
Apr. 25, 2010

We are not against Muslims. We are not a communal or caste-based party. We are only against terrorists and not against any religion,says BJP.

At the same time, he said there was nothing to be apologetic about Hindutva or the core issues of the BJP, including uniform civil code and Ram temple at Ayodhya.

When asked if the BJP would woo Muslims in its bid to increase its vote-base, Gadkari said, "100 per cent, we will reach out to Muslims". Gadkari said BJP wants members of the Muslim community to join the party and this process may be slow but should be with conviction. Current events Did you know... Indians throw their fallen tooth to the roof so the sparrow brings them a new one one out of every five people live in India precipitation there is a higher precipitacion in summer, more than 300 centimeters Name_________________ #
1.What are two types of food from India?
A.Pizza and Spaghetti B. Spicy Chicken and Bread
B.Tandoori and Curry Chicken D. Guacamole and Churros
2. What are the names of the two types of clothes?
F. Saree and Turbans G. Baseball cap and t-shirt
H. Soccer Uniform I. Gloves and apron
3. What is the main sport played?
A. Soccer B. Baseball
C. Basketball D. Cricket
4. Name one famous person? It must be in the Prezi.
F. Mahatma Gandhi G. Ali Jinnah
H. Indira Gandhi I. Lal Bahdur
5. What three colors make the Flag of India? In order from top to bottom
A. Red, White and Blue B. Orange, White and purple
C. Green, White and Orange D. Orange, White and Green
6. What is the capital city of India?
J. New Delhi K. New India
L. Singapore M. Kwishi
7. What is the Indus Valley Culture?
A. A religion B. Culture
C. A city D. A civilization
8. What is the main language?
J. Hindi K. Mocki
L. Indian M. English
9. About what size is a normal Indian Family?
A. Large B. Small
C. Singles D. Medium
10. How many times have India and Pakistan fought?
J. 3 K. 1L. 0 M. 6
India suffered during independence. It has had 3 wars against Pakistan Thank-you
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