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Jerusalem 5

No description

mary berrisford

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of Jerusalem 5

Jerusalem 5
Quick question......
Why Marvin Gaye? 'What's going on? Think of at least 3 reasons why the song resonates ........
Character Studies
In pairs you have to produce a poster character analysis of your given character(s) on sugar paper. They'll be displayed in the classroom.
Let's read pg 33 to the end of Act 1
.......reminder - where did we leave off reading last lesson??
By the end of today....
We will have finished Act 1! hurrah!
We will have discussed IRONY
We will have completed character studies of all key figures
We'll have been reminded to hand in KA1 this Wednesday
We will have had homework set for 2 weeks - half term plus INSET day on Monday 22nd February
More questions - answer in pairs:
1) Read Johnny’s long speech p 33-34. What does Johnny say about the residents of the New Estate? What’s his tone?
2) What do you think the residents say about Johnny?
3) What’s the
in Wesley’s admission that ‘The Flintlock Men’ have only been going for 6 weeks?
4) The
(and humour!) is laid on thick with the line “It’s a Swindon Level decision”. Explore and explain (you may need to google the town of ‘Swindon’).
5) How does the tone of the play change from WESLEY’s line “Johnny, Listen. Phaedra Cox has gone off again.”
6) Who is Troy Whitworth?
7) Why is it
that Alice Witherspoon was the Fair Queen, 1969?
8) At the end of Act 1, Johnny declares “I ain’t going.” Give 3 reasons why you think he’s made this decision.

What's going on? Listen to the lyrics
Character analysis
Key quotes
Links to themes
Johnny Rooster
Pea and Tanya
Lee and Davey
The Professor
1) Watch this interview with Jez Butterworth (author) and Mark Rylance (Johnny) and make notes on the themes and issues they discuss (30 mins)
3 tasks
2) Read Act 2 and make summary notes in your log books
3) Write a response to the following (500 words):
Rooster Byron has 2 sides. He is a decadent, debauched drug dealer, but also a principled, kind hearted, nature-loving romantic. How are these two sides illustrated through his interactions with the other characters?
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