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Flora and Ulysses

No description

Jenny Jones

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Flora and Ulysses

Flora and Ulysses
by Kate DiCamillo

The Setting of the book is at Flora's house. It is also at her dad's apartment. The time would be present.
Author: Kate DiCamillo
Publication: 2013 Candlewick Press

Flora and Ulysses
is about a girl named Flora, a superhero comic freak. On Mrs. Tickham's birthday her husband buys her A Ulysses Super-Suction, Multi-Terrain 2000X (vacuum). Donald,her husband, decides to plug it in. It goes totally bizarre! It takes Mrs. Tickham outside. She ends up sucking up a squirrel! The squirrel lives, but something is strange. It has magical powers! Flora decides to name it Ulysses after the vacuum. Together Flora and Ulysses will fight crime!
The theme of my fantasy is friendship. Going into the book, Flora and Ulysses become great friends. They rely on their friendship to get them out of trouble. I think their friendship is a very important part of the book.

The two main characters in
Flora and Ulysses
are Flora and Ulysses. Flora has a pixie hair cut and glasses. She loves to read super hero comics. Ulysses is a squirrel. He is bald, but has light brown patches of hair on him. He is a strong, heroic looking animal.
Flora and Ulysses
Presented by Katie Wilson
I recommend my book to nine to twelve year olds, looking for a quick and easy read. There aren't too many big words, but there are some. I give the book four and a half stars out of five!
Author and Publication
Thanks for watching!
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