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Personal Development

No description

Paris Mackenzie

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Personal Development

Personal Development
Notes from the video
They specifically teach children communication skills.
They are given sentence starters and helpful information to start a conversation.
They Start this at a young age to get easier as get older.
They are taught to look at their partner which helps communication.
They are taught to use expression so they look interested in what the other person is saying.
Interview with Yasmin
Me: How many tasks have you done?
Yasmin: 4
Me:What has been your favourite task so far?
Yasmin: My Music Task
Me: Why was that your favourite?
Yasmin: Becuase we made energy music with Sabella.
Aims And Outcomes
INS3.3 Acts in ways that enhance the contribution of self and others in a range of cooperative situations.

COS 3.3 Communicates confidently in a variety of situations

IRS3.11 Describes roles and responsibilities in developing and maintaining positive relationships.
What does cooperation look like?
Cooperation looks like people working together and getting along with each other. When people are not fighting with one another but enjoying themselves.
Interview with Sabella
Me: How are you going with PiP?
Sabella: Good
Me: Do you find it hard?
Sabella: It's pretty simple compared to other terms.
Me: What task are you up to?
Sabella: Visual Arts, but I'm about to do my PDH
Interview with Annabel
Me: What is your big project idea?
Annabel: A boat powered by heat
Me: Who are you doing it with?
Annabel: Alex Beatty
Me: How are you going to create that?
Annabel: We are using recycled materials and using a metal coke can with a candle underneath to heat the metal to create bubbles to make the boat move and make waves to power wave pools.
What is good communication?
Good communication is people having a comfortable conversation with someone. Also where you look each other in the eye when talking to them and using expression.
Within a group and which roles and responsibilities you tend to take on?
When I am in a group I tend to take charge sometimes. I've never really thought about this before, but now that I am thinking about it I guess people listen to me and my ideas, sometimes I don't like to lead but when no one else does I step in.
What things are important to ensure that a group functions well?
Some important things to ensure that a group functions well is that everyone has different strengths. Like maybe one person is logically strong and maybe someone else is a visual person then they can help each other if one persons weakness is another persons strength.
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Paris Mackenzie 6M
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