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Lut Desert, Iran

No description

jasjot grewal

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Lut Desert, Iran

The landforms in Lut Desert are hills, and sand plains. the place also has the tallest sand hill which is 500 meters tall. So living here will get your photo on tv saying that a person survived living in the hottest place on earth besides a volcano. You might even get a Guinness World Record for living here.
Lut Desert, Iran

In the Lut Desert, also know as Dasht-e Lut is the worlds most hottest place in the world. The ground can reach up to 70 degree celsius which means 158 fahrenheit. It is real good for natural cooking, almost no animals so you don't have to be scared of snakes if you don't like them, and great deal of land.
Physical Features
The feature of this place is that it has different records, and different types of biomes in one like a sand hill, and sand plain in one. This desert is really actually a dried up salt lake which became a desert.
Challenges/ Opportunities
Challenges: Living in a place where it gets 70 degree Celsius, has no vegetation, and is all sand, I would defiantly go against my company's that was if I wore to be on the opposite side of my company.
Opportunities: If you are a fan of big land, barely any snakes, and you own a transport, or food company. You can have so much benfit if people start to move there.
Human Adaptations
For humans to adapt to this place they need cooled roads and sidewalks with wiring that cools stuff, house that have something opposite of insulation, some thing to cool stuff down instead of heating it up.
In this desert there is no vegetation so if society ever did decide to live here, a transport and food company will get a lot of money for growing, transporting, and selling. Because there barely is any vegetation besides some trees.
Natural Resources
There is mostly only one type of resource in Lut Desert, and that is the one, the only......sand. The whole desert is practically all sand like every other desert. This desert is the 25th biggest desert it is 51,800km squared.
By: Jasjot
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