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Copy of The Business Plan

This presentation introduces some of the licensed electronic resources that will aid in building a business plan and that are available through the library. Audience: class for start-up businesses.

Sebastian Baumhoff

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Copy of The Business Plan

HRM Policy
Oman, UAE Company background Problem Statement Introduction
Gale Directory Library Business Plans eBookShelf only 3 steps to find a sample plan step 1: search step 2: select step 3: find Empirical Research What's a business plan look like? Who and where are my customers? What's happening in my industry? Who are my competitors? ReferenceUSA will get you started set up the search search results choose a list of competitors Business Source Premier BusinessDecision who spends what where reports graphed data who your customers are different approaches to industry data companies, publishers and associations to learn how to use these e-sources: Book A Librarian @
the Lynnwood Library building a business plan is
one of the most important things
you can do before starting your
business Where to begin? Washington State Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development www.cted.wa.gov Small Business Development Centers www.sbdc.org www.score.org www.sno-isle.org call, email or chat with a certified librarian for expert assistance in finding the information you need www.sno-isle.org ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry more than 750 business periodicals
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