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North Africa.

No description

Cassie Scott

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of North Africa.

North Africa.
By: Jamai and Cassie. Physical Geography.
Traditional People. Goverment. Popular Culture. Visit.

Coutries in this region:Morocco,Algeria,Libya,Egypt,Tunisia,Western Sahara. Location: 150d's W/ 45d's N North Africa-political LandForms:
Sarhara Desert,Aswan River, Forest. Climate:
Sunny, Hot, Warm.
Who are they?
The French invested heavily in Algeria getting mines, power stations, railroads, and highways. What are they like?
People living in Magherb and Libya lived mostly 200 miles (322 kilometers) of either medittcnean.
Issues surviving in the modern world: not many struggles with weath and money.

What are these countrys like today?
Tuarge people camp at a settlemnt and near the Sahara Desert.
robat, the capital of Morocco, is a mordern city surrounded by ancient walls.
Horsemen celebrate a Fantasia in a morracan village. If i had a chance to visit this country i would not go to see the sites because or citys because in some places there are poor and unhealthy, like not taken care of bug,rats,and things. But only way out like in the middle of nowhere. What Types Of Goverment?
Morocco; ourrs is a small operration by Detroit standards says Khalifa terraf a manager at an automobile factory in Casablanca Morocco.
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