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Not Where I Belong

No description

Allison McIntosh

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Not Where I Belong

It's not where I belong. in the laboratory? Is it ethical that drug companies competing for the same drug market get to duplicate toxicity tests on animals? Do the benefits of animal experimentation justify its use? 2,272,815 animals were experimented on in 2008 including... Source: The Canadian Council on Animal Care ...10,525 dogs... ...3,720 cats... ...102,081 birds... ...and countless others... To feel or not to feel: should the ability to feel pain have a place in how we regulate the use of animals in experimentation? in the property section of the criminal code? Why does Canada remain in the Victorian era with its Federal animal cruelty law, which has remained almost unchanged since 1892? Which animals are protected? The term "animal" remains undefined in Canada's criminal code. To be guilty of a cruelty offence there has to be an element of wilfullness. this test is subjective and the result has been that over 99.075% of people who have committed an act of animal cruelty have never been charged
Source: International Federation of Animal Welfare More than property, less than person? Am I? We know there is a PROBLEM. Why is there RESISTANCE? What are we AFRAID of? What if the tables were turned? by Allison McIntosh
for Professor Gilbert
and CML3251
at the University of Ottawa
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