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Copy of Wechsler Individual Achievement Test - 3rd Edition

No description

Ashley D

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Wechsler Individual Achievement Test - 3rd Edition

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test - 3rd Edition
By: Ashley DiCola

Description of the WIAT-III
Purpose of the WIAT-III
Structure of the WIAT-III
The WIATT-III uses a grade based start point
Test must be discontinued after 4 consecutive "0"s.
The test is broken down into four sections
Oral Language
Written Expression
WIAT-III and Learning Disabilities
WIAT-III can be used to help identify learning disabilities that are recognized under the Individuals wit Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA).
Scoring of the WIAT-III
Critique of the WIAT-III
Recommendations for the WIAT-III
Salvia, J., Ysseldyke, J., & Bolt, S. (2013).
Assessment in
special and inclusive education
(12th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.

Achievement Areas Tested by the WIAT-III
Basic reading skills
Reading Fluency
Reading Comprehension
Written Expression
Oral Expression
Listening Comprehension
Mathematical Calculation
Mathematics Problem Solving
Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten
Approximately 45 - 50 mins

Grades 1-6
Approximately 1.5 hours

Grades 7-12
Approximately 1.5 hours - 2 hours
Reference: (Salvia, Ysseldyke, & Bolt, 2013)
Reference: (Salvia, Ysseldyke, & Bolt, 2013)
The WIAT-III was created by David Wechsler and was published by Pearson in 2009.
The WIAT-III is an academic achievement test that can be used in the following settings:
Grade Levels the WIAT-III assesses:
It is both diagnostic and norm-referenced.
It includes 16 subtests
What Does the WIAT-II Look Like?
Image Reference: Pearson
Reference: (Salvia, Ysseldyke, & Bolt, 2013)
Identify academic strengths and weaknesses
Identify specific learning disabilities
Identify grade level equivalents
Identify student growth
Aid in intervention planning
Aid in IEP Planning
Standardized on a national sample
2,775 students
Male and Female
Various ages, races, ethnic backgrounds, parent education levels, and geographic areas
Reference: (Salvia, Ysseldyke, & Bolt, 2013)
Reference: (Salvia, Ysseldyke, & Bolt, 2013)
Oral Language
Listening Comprehension
Oral Expression
Early Reading Skills
Word Reading
Pseudoword Decoding
Reading Comprehension
Oral Reading Fluency
Written Expression
Alphabet Writing Fluency
Sentence Composition
Essay Composition
Math Problem Solving
Numerical Operations
Math Fluency -Addition
Math Fluency - Subtraction
Math Fluency - Multiplication
Maccow, G. (2011, January 1). WIATT-III
Administration and Scoring Handout. Retrieved from http://images.pearsonassessments.com/Images/PDF/Webinar/WIAT-III_Administration_and_Scoring_Handout_September_2011.pdf
Demonstration of the WIAT-III
Reference: WIAT Video by Jane Beving
WIAT Video Beving [Motion picture]. (2014). YouTube.
The WIAT-III is a time consuming test
It takes away critical class time for the student
It takes away critical time from the teacher or school psychologist.
1-1 administration can cause testing anxiety
It can be overwhelming for the student
Types of Scores for the WIAT-III
Standard Scores
Percentile Ranks
Normal Curve Equivalents
Age Equivalents
Growth Scale Value Scores
Reference: (Salvia, Ysseldyke, & Bolt, 2013)
Throughout the exam the administrator records the students responses in the Response Booklet.
These are the raw scores
Most of the test items are scored using 1 and 0.
1 indicates a correct answer and 0 indicates an incorrect answer
Writing portions of the exam are scored using a specific rubric.
The WIAT-III comes with a scoring assistant CD
The teacher or psychologist who administered the exam enters the raw scores into the scoring assistant program.
Once the scores are entered, all of the calculations, composite scores, and graphs are calculated automatically.
In my opinion, the WIAT-III is a very useful and effective tool.
Recommendations for the WIAT-III administrator.
Give the student breaks if needed
Do not feel obligated to finish the entire exam in one day
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