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National Junior Honor Society

No description

Cassandra Hammond

on 29 December 2012

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Transcript of National Junior Honor Society

Induction 2012 National Junior Honor Society In 1925, Charles Allen wrote, What is NJHS? Service Learning Service Projects Scholarship Membership Maintain Requirements Traits I pledge to maintain high scholastic standing,
To hold as fundamental and worthy
An untarnished character,
To endeavor intelligently and courageously
To be a leader,
And to give of myself freely in service to others.
In doing so, I shall prove myself worthy
Of a place in the National Junior Honor Society. Member Pledge Leadership Service Citizenship Character "If education fails to develop a good citizen, then all has been lost. If the student does not discover, through his studies and experiences that he can give more to society than he has taken from society, then his schooling has failed." NJHS was founded as a way to organize students and promote service through action.
Its purpose is to: Service Project Monthly Meetings Maintain a 3.0 GPA
Excellent Behavior
Act as a Leader
Community Service Planning Meeting in September
Year Long Project
Participate Outside of School Lunch Meetings
Project Planning Meetings
Group Trips "Light Is The Symbol Of Truth" Create enthusiasm for scholarship
Stimulate a desire to render service
Promote leadership
Develop character
Encourage good citizenship 3.0 GPA
Good Standing Respect
Integrity Participation
Community Involvement Help Others
Service Hours Responsible
Above the Influence Individual Hours Fulfills a need in our community
Attached to our curriculum
Teaches critical action
Fosters democratic values
Gives youth a voice
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