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Raven's Gate

No description

simon krolupper

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Raven's Gate

About The Author
Anthony Horowitz was born in 1955. He is now 60 years old and is a great childrens' author. Anthony has 2 children named Nicholas and Cassio. His school was a boarding school. His first book was published in 1979 called "The sinister secret of Frederick. K Bower". He liked listening to classical music and one of his "Alex Rider" books has been made into a film. His three tips for writing fiction were:
The main themes of Raven's Gate are
good vs. evil the book mainly focuses on the battles between good and evil as it follows Matt as he constantly fights evil.
Exctract Analysis
By: Simon, Evgeny, Jachym
Raven's Gate is a fictional and adventure book with many twists and turns in its complicated, yet simple and exciting plot. The main characters in this book are 14-year old Matt, Richard, Mrs Deverill, and Sanjay Dravid.
Raven's Gate
No#1: Read more

No#2: Write more

No#3: Believe in yourself
The main characters in our book are Matt, Richard,
Mrs. Deverill. Horowitz develops these characters
very well to make them seem like real people.
"I hate it here. I hate this farm! I hate all of you!" This shows how Matt was angry and the way he dares to speak to adults like Miss Deverill. It also shows he wants to leave the farm. Matt is a kind of person that keeps things to himself - did not want to tell all about what had happened to him to Richard who was interested in journalistic reasons. Miss Deverill who was supposed to take care of Matt seemed very suspicious. Her cat Asmodeus - even more.
The sudden revive of the cad had caused Matt a lot of confusion.
"Matt Freeman knew he was making a mistake,"
- This sentences really hooks the reader because it is something quite odd to start of. The reader can ask easily: What mistake? And some other questions.
"...wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt, shapeless, faded jeans, and trainers with frayed laces," - The author describes the main character in detail mainly focusing here on his appearance.
The writer makes a clear description of the setting "He was sitting on a low wall outside Ipswich station,"
2008: Booktrust Teenage Prize, Snakehead, shortlist

2008: Booksellers Association Independent Booksellers' Book Prize, Snakehead, shortlist

2006: British Book Awards Children's Book of the Year, Ark Angel

2005: British Book Awards Children's Book of the Year, Scorpia, shortlist

2004: British Book Awards Children's Book of the Year, Eagle Strike, shortlist

2003: Red House Children's Book Award, Skeleton Key, Overall Winner

2002: British Book Awards Children's Book of the Year, Skeleton Key, shortlist

Check out his writing awards next!
Raven's Gate
Plot summary: Jachym Prach
Character: Simon Krolupper
Extract analysis: Evgeny Sharogradskiy
Themes: Simon Krolupper
About the Author: Evgeny
Plot summary: Jachym Prach
About the author: Evgeny Sharogradskiy
Character: Simon Krolupper
Themes: Simon Krolupper
Extract analysis: Evgeny Sharogradskiy
Our opinions: Everyone
Our opinions
Everybody in our group felt very positive about the book we read. We all felt the various techniques of the author used in the piece of writing used in all sorts of ways like description, action and many more. We talked over the book in our free time because it was amazing to read. We inquired about what will happen next in the book all willing and keen to find out. One moment has grabbed all our attention and it was when Sir Michael Marsh was sacrificing Matt. The way the author uses adverbs to make movement and adjectives to describe hooks our group's attention. But we don't think that it is only us that feel like that. We were very happy about the book we chose to read. We recommend
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