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180 Day Action Plan

No description

D Stephens

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of 180 Day Action Plan

1st Action Network is convened around a priority outcome identified by a Council
Other two Councils have their first meetings
Those Councils each select a priority outcome for initial focus (for example, 3rd grade reading)
Backbone staff will organize and host a quarterly information session
Baseline data about our community is released on www.boldgoals.org

At least one Council (Pre-K, K-12, or Post-Secondary) has its first meeting and selects one priority outcome for initial focus
1st Action Network completes charter and develops its action plan

2nd Action Network is convened around another priority outcome.
1st Action Network has completed its action plan with short and long-term goals for moving a priority outcome.

Chartering process underway for the 2nd Action Network

A 3rd Action Network is convened around another priority outcome.
Education Steering Committee members appointed
All new www.boldgoals.org site launches
Social media accounts launched
Education Steering Committee has its first meeting

Pre-K, K-12, and Post-Secondary Councils are appointed
If you want to know all the details about how these committees are appointed, you can download our "Process Manual" on the Resources page of http://www.boldgoals.org
It might help to take a look at this chart to remember how all of these pieces fit together.
This would be a good time to review our outcomes.
"Action Networks
are groups of appropriate cross-sector practitioners and individuals who organize around a community level outcome and use a continuous improvement process to develop a charter and action plan with strategies to improve that outcome."
-StriveTogether, 2014
This is an example Action Network
from Springfield, another StriveTogether Network community. All of our Action Networks will go through a process to develop charters. Taking the time to do this will ensure we can stick together for the long haul and work together in deeper alignment than ever before. The next few views will give you a closer look.
Let's take a look at a one-page outline of the whole 180-Day Plan.
For optimal viewing, please use this presentation in Full Screen mode. Just click the button that looks like this
in the bottom right-hand corner.

Use the buttons below to
go back (left) or go forward (right)
When we roll out our first action networks, we'll build them around just a few
priority outcomes
that have:
Data available
Existing momentum
Potential for immediate impact
The checked outcomes are examples--we haven't chosen which ones will be our priorities yet.
You can view or download this one-page timeline at http://boldgoals.org/education/180dayplan
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