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The Water Project

No description

Claire Smith

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The Water Project

The Water Project. The Problem: Dirty water causes too many people to be sick, live in poverty, lacking education, and loss of hope. YOU can get involved to help give fresh, clean water to thousands of people. Clean water can change peoples lives. It gives women the chance to work, and return to school. It helps men stay healthy. Children can grow up healthy, and live long lives. Clean water helps break the cycle of poverty. "When water comes.. Everything changes." This is what a truck driver for The Water Project said, driving in Kenya seeing the towns with new wells. The Facts. Nearly one billion people do not have clean water to drink. A child dies every 15 seconds from lack of clean water. 1 in 4 children that die before the age of 5, died of a water related disease. Children often walk miles everyday to collect dirty water to drink. In many cases, the only thing preventing obtaining clean water is money. Health. HIV/AIDS is a disease that effects the immune system. Imagine trying to live with this disease while drinking water that is so dirty, the healthiest person in the world would become violently ill from drinking. You cant even manage the symptoms of HIV/AIDS without clean water. Infant mortailty for a village that does not have clean water can rise 50% Villages are stuck in a circle of poverty because everyone keeps getting sick from the dirty water. If you are sick, you cannot work. Poverty. 1.1 billion people don't have access to clean water. Clean water is the foundation to everything. If you have dirty water, you cant grow food, you cant build housing, and you cant stay healthy. If your not healthy, you cant go to school or work. The cycle just keeps going. Hunger. Food Water Neededto Produce(in litres)
1 Glass of milk 200
Cup of Coffee 140
Bag of Chips 185
Slice of Bread 40
Egg 135
Apple 70
Hamburger 2,400 Everyday, women and young girls carry over 20kg of water from sources over 7km from their homes and villages in Kenya. All information and pictures found on http://www.thewaterproject.org
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