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Can dogs respond to colors?

No description

Cheng Mun Loke

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Can dogs respond to colors?

The structure of a dog's eye
Dogs are considered as nocturnal animals
-they have more rods than cones in their eyes

-many mammals are nocturnal, and having a high proportion of rods in the retina is an adaptation that gives these animals keen night vision
Can dogs respond to colors?
Group members:
Loke Cheng Mun
Melvin Kong
Tan Choon Pong
Chai Rong Sheng

Are dogs colorblind?
Yes and No
~only capable of seeing shades of black, white, and grey

~only capable of determining objects by its brightness.

Dark blue,

light blue,

dark yellow,

light yellow.
what kind of colors can they see?
Dogs can only
see certain colors
dichromatic vision
- having only 2 types of cones in the eyes
Bobo's results
Experiment 1#Red-1 Blue-0 Green-4 Orange-3
Experiment 2#Red-2 Blue-0 Green-3 Orange-3
Ling Ling's result
Experiment 1#Red-1 Blue-0 Green-3 Orange-1
The term colorblind has two definitions
1) Can perceive certain colors
2) Can perceive no colors at all

Yes, because dogs can see only a few colors
No, because dogs are not completely blind to colors
Step 1
4 bowls were wrapped in plastic bags of
Step 2
Dog bowls were placed on the floor, where the bowls are visible to the dog
Step 3
Experiment 1#

Dog food was added in all 4 colored bowls
Experiment 2#Red-1 Blue-0 Green-3 Orange-1
Materials and apparatus
4 dog bowls
4 different colored plastic bags
Dog food
Ling Ling
Test Subjects
Oreo's result
Experiment 1#Red-2 Blue-1 Green-1 Orange-2
Experiment 2#Red-1 Blue-0 Green-1 Orange-2

A group of Russian scientist carried experiments on several dogs and proved that dogs can identify colors, but only to a certain degree.
Dogs are stereotyped as...
To examine how a dog responds to colors that appear similar to them and those that do not
The Purpose of our experiment
Step 4
Rearrange colored bowl in a different order
Step 1
The 4 colored bowls were filled with dog food
Step 2
The bowls were placed on the ground, where visible to the dog.
Step 3
Step 4
The colored bowl that the dog chose was removed
Experiment 2#

Problems faced during experiment
-Distance between bowls
Experiment 2

Experiment 1
Experiment 1
Experiment 2

A dog's binocular vision is about less
than half the human's vision

Experiment 2
Experiment 1
Experiment 1
Experiment 1
Experiment 2
Experiment 2
1. Dogs cannot differentiate colors between the green, red and orange spectrum
2. Dogs tend to choose colors that are similar to food color(yellow).

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Dogs are able to respond to colors that non-similar to them (blue and yellow) but not colors that are similar to them (green and red)
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